The thing is, it's not real. There's this stigma around plastic surgery – at least in the United States – and the moment people find out that you've gone under the knife, they immediately treat you with disdain. But why? If something is broken, you don't say that repairing it is something that goes against nature and whatever. You don't say that that's cheating; you're just improving things so that they can function properly like they were meant to.

Of course there are plenty of things I would change about myself. Just to list a couple, I'd probably make some adjustments to my nose, eyes, jaw, and chest. And quite frankly, I would probably adjust others still.

Nobody flinches when someone gets braces, but the moment someone says "Hey, I'm unhappy with my appearance, so I'd like to change it for my happiness," everyone loses their shit. Because – and no one wants to admit it – but the moment plastic surgery becomes normalized, there's no hierarchy. Pretty people are only pretty because they're uncommon in how attractive they are. Or else if everyone was pretty, that would become the new standard.

My mom's cousin says that if I lost some weight, I would be so pretty. That's some bullshit. I love her but that's some actual bullshit right there.

Excuse my cynicism, but honestly? Personality means nothing. It means nothing. If you're not attractive enough, they won't care enough to discover that golden personality. Oh, yeah, sure, I only look at personality. Then you really ought to be okay with being blind. Because you would never judge a person by their looks, right? Since personality is all you ever care about.

And you know what? I don't care if you say I'm just throwing a temper tantrum out of jealousy. Yeah, I'm jealous. So what? What are you going to do about it? I'm bitter and cynical and lazy and jealous and a bitch, and this is just me whining about something that's my own fault. But you know what else?

I bet if I were pretty, you wouldn't give a fuck how bitchy I was being.


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  1. aaa says:

    Sooo… you are aware how conditional and superficial love/affection is and you STILL want to go under knife to obtain it? Or you believe that your appearance is just barrier that prevents potential partner from discovering your wonderful personality, and you want to change it? There is so much emotions in this post, that I may have missed the point. I mean, I know that this post is mostly, or even entirely for you, not for others, but I am still curious’ 🙂


  2. aaa says:

    Also…if you are bitter, plastic surgery will not change it. Statement “I am so ugly that nobody even looks at me” will change to “He only approached me, because I reshaped my nose and enlarged breasths”


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