49: Rabbit

“So, why exactly do you call him rabbit?”

Milly snorted before choking on her drink. Coughing, she smiled at her friend’s mother, who had raised a brow at her daughter’s silence. Crossing her arms, she knocked on the glass table, making the other brunch-ers glance in their direction.

“Surely there must be a good reason?”
“Oh, yes,” replied Milly. Eagerly nodding her head, she grinned. “There is a very good reason why she calls him that name. Right, C.C.?”

The two waited for the young lady to finish blushing. The red was slow and faint, but the more time that passed under their scrutiny and the longer the question hung over them, the pinker she became. Perhaps it was because she had never really given it much thought – it had been so long since she had first called him by that name – or because it was her mother that was asking her, but the usually blasé, nonchalant woman couldn’t help but feel a bit meek and embarrassed.

“…Because…” she muttered. She glared at her friend, who was busy smothering her giggles. “He’s sweet and cuddly like a bunny.”
“And not any other reason why?” Milly’s voice cracked as she fought back her laughter.
“No other reason.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Yes, really.” Staring at her hard, she furrowed her brows together. Kicking her friend underneath the table, she frowned. “Now I’d appreciate it if we discussed something else.”

Her mother, who had been studying her closely all throughout this exchange, finally turned away. Taking a sip of her water, she folded her hands in her lap and cleared her throat before asking, “Have I ever told you, Milly dear, of how I was introduced to my son-in-law?”

“To be fair, there are worse ways to be introduced than walking in and finding him in bed with your daughter.”
“Not many.”

And there was little C.C. could do but raise her head high and suffer through their laughter until she could go home to her rabbit, who’d no doubt live up to his name and happily distract her from this fiasco of a brunch.


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  1. llccreader says:

    It’s fun imagining a blushing CC and I xan somehow imagine how awkward the introduction was:) but I’m kinda lost…Lelouch calls her Cera in this story right?


  2. Sean says:

    That’s a question I’m certain C.C. would rather not have to touch in any way possible. I’m sort of curious if her mother already has an idea and just wants her to say it as a way of teasing or if Milly’s teasing clued her in. Milly is just having way too much fun with this, though that’s completely in character for her I’d say. Even given the lewd origin, it is such a habit it’s more out of fondness than a comment on his sex drive I’d imagine. For some reason, I imagine the first time she called him that was amusing. Like when he was quickly ready for another round she said he was like a rabbit or something like that.

    I find her answer in the end rather sweet because I imagine there is some truth to that with her since that does sort of describe him, or at least it does when he’s not in his domination mode. It’s not a bad answer either, but I think Milly’s presence combined with it not coming quickly enough led to her kind of flubbing it in a manner that isn’t all that convincing at all.

    Her mother certainly knows what’s up by the end since she immediately launches into telling the story of how she met him. I think I recall you mentioning it, but that must have been a very embarrassing and amusing meeting for all parties. Overall this whole thing was hilarious I thought especially with her just enduring it at the end because she plans to go home and have sex with him. I sort of imagine her going up to him and dragging him to the bedroom or straight up just jumping him with him just shrugging and going along with it.

    Thank you 🙂


  3. Sean says:

    Hey. Not sure if this is something you’ll even see, but just noticed something that caught my eye.The picture for this one doesn’t have them kissing which you generally used for chapters in the past. Wasn’t sure if it was just a small mixup or if there was a purpose to it. That’s all.


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