Part Eleven: House of Cards

“We’re not here to fight.”
“What are you here for then? To try and show off how much happier you are with her than you were with me?”
“It’s been a month since we broke up. A month.”
“What happened, Kallen? You were oh-so-happy to be with Gino behind my back in the months leading our break-up. Don’t find him so exciting anymore now that you don’t have to sneak around?”

Reaching for the nearest thing, she threw it hard towards his head with dangerous accuracy. Ducking, Lelouch did his best to protect his girlfriend from the glass. Thankful he’d given her his jacket when he’d picked her up, he checked to see that she was fine before standing up and snarling back.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“What the fuck is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with me?” She laughed humorlessly. “You know, at least I had the decency to admit that I was cheating on you when you asked. What did you do when I asked? You looked me straight in the eye and said that there wasn’t anything going on. You told me there wasn’t anything going on! But what do you do, you dump me to go to her, some faceless slut! You lied to my face!”

C.C. looked up at him as he coldly told her how much worse she was than him. His brows were drawn together and there was a nasty light to his eyes as he spat and glared and pointed fingers. Hugging herself, she looked back and forth between the former lovers before lightly touching his hand. Her fingers brushing over his whitened knuckles, she pried his fist open before interlocking their fingers.


He looked down at her with an expression as if he had forgotten she was there. Blinking, the fury on his face faded away as he stared at her. Tightly holding his hand, she asked him if they could leave. When she had asked to go to the party, she hadn’t meant for it to be like this. She hated seeing him like this; it left her feeling sick in the stomach as she was made to wonder if that was what everyone thought of her as: the “other woman.”

“Has he told you yet about his fiancé?”

She turned at her voice, surprised she was being directly addressed. Kallen looked at her, unblinkingly and with her brows knit together. Crossing her arms, she sneered.

“Oh, so he hasn’t. Classic Lelouch. Always leaving out the important details.”
“She’s not my-”
“You see, C.C., I’ll save you some of the trouble he put me through,” she spat. “I don’t want another person to go through the humiliation I had to, when I went to go meet his parents and they told me all about his cute fiancé who was waiting for him all the way back home in good ol’ England.”
“She’s not my- C.C., I swear to you, I don’t have a fiancé. I would have told you if there was something-”
“Just like you would have told me if something like that was true?”
“C.C., please. Please, believe me when I say that-”
“Bullshit! Fucking bullshit!” Gino appeared to restrain her as she screamed. “You fucking liar!”

She felt him reach for her hand, but instinctively, she pulled away. Holding her hands close to her, she looked at him with wide eyes. This was the first time she’d heard of this; what did Kallen mean he had a fiancé? How did that- Why hadn’t he told her? Why had he lied to her all this time? And here she had actually thought that maybe, just maybe, he had actually…!

“I need to go home.”

Unable to meet his eyes, she backed away from him. Her head spinning, she tried her best to keep some sort of calm. Wringing her hands, she looked all around at the cold eyes from all around watching her, waiting for some reaction to gossip about Monday morning. Glancing at him, she saw the pain and sorrow in his eyes but chose to ignore it. There was just too much going on all at once.

Turning on her heel, she headed for the door, when he grabbed her wrist. Whipping around, she struggled to free herself, when she heard him say: “Whatever happens next, whatever you decide next, can you please just remember how you’ve felt this past month? Please, I beg of you: remember how happy you’ve been and know that’s how I felt too. Please, Cera.”

He was never given an answer; tears in her eyes, she nudged past the spectators and finally broke free of the house and all its horrible, terrible revelations, leaving his jacket and its warmth on the cold, hard ground as she thought of, over and over, not of the past month, but of “his cute fiancé who was waiting for him all the way back home in good ol’ England.”


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Well, he seemed like he was starting to try and reason with her on this since him coming there to flaunt his relationship with C.C. would be an utter waste of time and I can’t fathom why anyone would actually do that. Granted, he makes a fair point with her cheating on him prior, though essentially also cheating on her before finally breaking up sort of undermines him just a bit. Along with just causing conflict which should be the last thing anyone wants.

    But yeah, throwing things is dangerous and not something anyone should be doing. Of course, she also follows up with her own point that has some truth to it. Granted, saying you’re the better person since you actually admit to cheating isn’t exactly some really high ground to be standing on, but it doesn’t seem like they’re really concerned with that so much as just lashing at one another. Really ugly look for both of them and it’s a good thing C.C. was able to snap him out of it, even though it’s clear some damage was done before Kallen started dropping the info she had.

    But yikes, after seeing that I do sympathize with Kallen quite a bit even if I still don’t agree with the actions she’s taken. Going to meet his parents (implying the relationship was quite serious) and then getting told your boyfriend has a fiancé. Probably seemed like his parents were treating her like she was something Lelouch had to get out of his system before he settled down. I’d warrant this led to the deterioration of her relationship and caused her to eventually cheat. Probably would have been better to just break it off at that point. Really it seems like she’s ultimately more angry at Lelouch then she is at C.C. despite the insults.

    C.C. takes it badly of course, though she doesn’t seem to be willing to give Lelouch a chance to explain the whole situation. Sounds like Lelouch should have known better and headed this off, unless he either doesn’t consider this woman his fiancé and just ignores his parent’s wishes or was being an idiot and didn’t think it would be an issue. She’s obviously overwhelmed by all this so I can’t blame her reaction ultimately. Dramatic turn of events in any case.

    A Happy New Year to you 😀


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