Part Nine: 20 Questions

“Bye, C.C. Have a nice day at school.”

With a wave of her hand, she rushed outside. Cradling a cup of coffee, Euphemia moved closer to the window. Outside she could see a boy waiting outside. She’d never seen him around before, but her daughter was obviously familiar with him, what with the comfort and ease she climbed up onto the bike behind him.

Hmmm. Well, she hadn’t really wanted to say anything, but she had noticed how much time she had been spending in the bathroom lately, as well as the rather significant increase in care when dressing herself. But if she’d started seeing someone, she’d have told them, wouldn’t she? They were her parents after all, and though she didn’t want to toot her own horn, she liked to think that she had been better than some at maintaining a close relationship with their teenager.


Her husband looked up from the report he’d been doubled over for the past fifteen minutes. Coming to stand beside him, she nudged the cooling breakfast towards him. Smiling sheepishly, he picked up his fork, all the while listening to her say: “Has C.C. told you anything about a motorcycle?”

“Motorcycle? Those are dangerous, you know.”
“Well, she just left for school on one.”
“Whose motorcycle?”
“I couldn’t see their face, but I think… I think maybe it’s a boy.”

Her husband sat dumbly in his seat. Boy? What boy? A boy from where? From school? But C.C. had never liked anyone before. Even when she’d been little; while her classmates excitedly chattered about this boy, that celebrity, this whoever, their daughter had been quiet and unaffected by all. Surely they were just misunderstanding?

“I don’t know. It’s just a hunch. He could just be a nice friend for all I know.”
“Oh…” He frowned to himself as she ran a hand through his fluffy brown curls. “Do you think we should ask her?”
“Oh, no. I’m sure she’ll come and tell us if it really is like that. I don’t want to take the risk and embarrass her.”
“But don’t you think we should still try to find out? Especially if he has a motorcycle. Those are dangerous.”

Patting him on the head, she bent down to kiss him on the forehead, but even her affection couldn’t iron out the wrinkles lining his face. Softly smiling to herself, she told him she’d try to find out if he really wanted to know so badly.

“I just want to keep her safe,” he mumbled. “No matter what anyone says, she’s as much my daughter as she is her biological parents’.”
“I know. I agree and want the same thing. But for the time being, focus on your speech. We’ll decide what to do after.”

As she sat by the window again with Arthur curled up in her lap, Euphemia couldn’t help but mull over the boy with the bike. Though she hated to jump to conclusions, sometimes, one couldn’t help but assume the worst. Not that C.C. dating someone was so terrible. On the contrary, it was quite exciting, and the mystery of who this boy was intrigued her. She just hoped that, in the case that she was right and this boy was more than just a friend, their daughter would tell them sooner than later, since later would only mean a round of 20 Questions hosted by none other than the adorable Suzaku Kururugi – something that even she, with her adoration for her husband, preferred to avoid.


One thought on “Part Nine: 20 Questions

  1. Hmmm you’d think they might have questioned her sooner on a boy giving her motorcycle rides to school to at least know who this friend of hers is. C.C. doesn’t exactly seem to be hiding it either. Euphemia certainly seems the more observant of these things what with noticing her taking the time to make herself look nicer, which sounds like a thing C.C. had not previously cared about too much.

    Suzaku’s moment of horror at the prospect of his baby being involved with a boy and the sudden flurry of questions popping in his mind was very cute to see and understandable as well. The way he latches onto the motorcycle is amusing as well, though here Euphemia comes across as the wiser one in her approach or at least more trusting of their daughter’s judgement.

    I’d imagine C.C. would tell them sooner than later which I believe was the case here, though it seems there was still something of an interrogation from Suzaku that Lelouch couldn’t avoid.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas! 😀


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