Part Seven: Everything

He tucked a finger into the thin strip of fabric spanning across the side of her hips before running his hands down her soft, supple thighs. She leaned forward, her cheeks sunk in as she sucked. He watched, mesmerized, as she loosely wrapped her arms around his neck and arched her back to blow white vapor up to the red lights glowing from the ceiling.

Winding his arms around her waist, he tickled her with feathery kisses all over her bare skin, making her giggle. Smiling at the sound of her laughter, he stopped briefly to look deeply into her eyes with a sort of intensity that would have unnerved her if not for the love and warmth found in them. Tilting her head to the side, she waited for him to speak as he touched her cheek.

“I love you, Cera.”

He had said it softly – so softly, in fact, she wouldn’t have ever heard him over the loud music if not for sitting in his lap and leaning forward until his lips were mere inches from her ear – but to her, it was as if he had yelled it at the top of his lungs. Heart skipping, she stared at him, half-afraid it was a dream and half-thrilled that he had… Well, that he had actually said those words to her.

“Do you love me?”

Of course she did. How could she not? He had changed the world, hadn’t he? Her world. He’d made colors brighter, candy sweeter, and by God so much easier for her to laugh and smile. Just being in the same room made her flush with nervousness and excitement, and every second she spent with him seemed like she could be young forever. In fact, she loved him so much, she couldn’t even find the words to properly tell him – so she settled on nodding.

“Oh, C.C…” Smiling at her, he wiped away her tears. “Although I’m glad you feel the same way, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Are you really that touched?”
“I just got something in my eye. I’m not crying because of you,” she sniffled. He only swept her hair over her shoulders and watched her as she dried her eyes.

“You didn’t think I’d do this with just anybody, did you?”
“I don’t know what I thought.”
“Well, I wouldn’t have. I did this with you because you’re not just anybody to me. I did this with you because you’re everything to me.”

Holding her hand, he lightly dusted her face, her jaw, her neck with kisses. Closing her eyes, she tightly held him as he told her quietly how much he loved her and how happy – how perfect – his life was now that she was in it.

“I love you, C.C.”
“I love you too, Lelouch.”

. . .

When Lelouch woke up, he stiffly sat up. He’d been leaning on some drunken stranger, who apparently hadn’t particularly minded on account of being far too wasted to really notice. Straightening up, he stood up and resisted the urge to yawn or stretch. Sniffling, he rubbed his eyes as he blearily looked around the room. The party had long since died down apparently as there were only wasted stragglers remaining.

Hugging himself, he picked his way through the trash until he found the hallway closet. Opening, all kinds of crushed cups, empty bottles, and condom wrappers tumbled out. Kicking aside the mess, he reached up to grab his helmet, when he felt his phone go off. Digging around in the pocket of his jacket, he glanced down to see who it was – maybe it was C.C.? – when he saw that it was none other than Kallen Stadtfeld.

With a heavy sigh, he considered taking the call. But did he really want to? Though he was making an ass of himself by ignoring her demands, he felt too tired to even make it home properly, much less deal with the insane jealousy that just seemed to consume his girlfriend these days. Grimacing, he watched the phone buzz in his hand before rejecting her call.

Maybe he was just making things worse by putting off the inevitable, but for the time being, he didn’t really care. He had other, more immediate matters to take care of, like getting home and taking a hot shower to wash off all the filth from that party, or coming to terms with that horribly beautiful dream he had just had with that horribly beautiful girl who had made him feel so horribly happy.

But first things were first: a glass of water for the road. Then, after he’d taken a shower and mulled over the meaning of the dream, he’d deal with Kallen. But not a moment sooner. Not without figuring out just how he felt towards a certain somebody who was apparently, by his own words, “everything to him.”


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    This is a very detailed dream he’s having if he’s also dreaming her impressions and feelings for how he’d probably like her to react to him confessing this to her. That whole thing with her blowing out white smoke (vaping I presume) was sort of a weird thing for his mind to come up with but I guess we all have our fetishes. It’s kind of funny just how elaborate his mind envisioned this to be, which I suppose goes to show how intense his feelings are getting and also how he’s not fully admitting to himself how he feels either. Reminds me of a scene from a show actually where something similar happened with a character dreaming this sort of thing only to wake up dismayed, though Lelouch is more thoughtful about the whole thing.

    I imagine part of that is the hangover. I don’t get the appeal out of parties like the one Lelouch went to with garbage, drunk people, random drunken sex and the like all around. Sort of seems like that aspect of things would be a turn off to C.C., though that might just be me. That feels like something he’ll need to get out of as it really comes across as self-destructive more than anything else. I mean you can’t deny she has a reason to be jealous even if it’s a tad hypocritical. At least he seems to realize it’s a bad idea to keep putting it off rather than just breaking up like he’s clearly wanted to for some time. His plan to sober up and then work out his own feelings before moving forward is a wise one I’d say though.

    Thank you 🙂


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