Part Two: People Like You

“vi Britannia, Lelouch.”

C.C. turned in her seat to glance over her shoulder at the absence of a reply. From the shadows of the classroom, a mop of black hair lay on the desk. Drawing her lips tightly together, she rolled her eyes. Always asleep; at least she had the decency to try and stay awake during the first half of class. Just because they were seniors, it didn’t mean they could just slack off completely; colleges still looked at first semester grades. But it seemed vi Britannia, Lelouch’s transcript would hold nothing but Z’s for the admissions board because that was all he really did in class.

Suddenly, he sat up. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he stifled a yawn, when he realized he was being watched. 2 mischievous eyes locking onto her, he smiled at her as if he knew just what she was looking at, and more importantly, why. Flushing indignantly, she faced the front. She knew his type. No way was she going to let him get under her skin.

“Alright, class. We have the field trip to the aquarium next week. I know some of you aren’t 18 yet, so for those of you who aren’t, make sure to bring this permission slip back by next Monday. Understand? Now, get out your notes from yesterday. The tundra biome…”

And yet, she couldn’t quite forget his smile. In spite of Ms. Croomy’s best efforts, her mind was far from the recent evolution of the tundra biome, and when the bell rang, she couldn’t help but sneak a glance over to the back corner to see if he was grinning at her again. Much to her dismay, she saw only an empty desk. Biting back an embarrassed frown, she slung her bag over her shoulder to leave, when she very nearly ran face-first into none other than vi Britannia, Lelouch.

Glaring at him, she neatly sidestepped him before making her way to the cafeteria. It was Wednesday, which meant the à la carte line had Pizza Hut, and quite frankly, no one was going to keep her from that warm, wonderful, heavenly greasiness.

Even if they were pretty damn good-looking.

. . .

A shadow fell over the words she had been absorbed in, forcing her to look up and squint up at her visitor in annoyance.

“Hey,” he said. She only stared as he sat beside her. But because she hadn’t moved to give him room – had wanted him to sit beside her – they were tightly pressed together. She watched as his hand slunk behind her back to settle on her far side. Narrowing her eyes, she frowned at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she snapped.
“If you don’t like it, then move over. I don’t like this either.”
“You move. I sat here first.”
“And here I thought you’d want to handle this in an adult manner.”

They stared intently at one another until finally, she turned away and shut her book with a snap. Standing up, she glared at him.

“Fine then. Have it if you want. I’ve got better things to do than argue with people like you.”
“People like me?”

But she’d already walked off in a huff. From his stolen seat, Lelouch watched as another girl joined her side. They seemed to discuss something or other, when he figured they were the something or other was him as the other girl had briefly looked over her shoulder to stare at him. C.C. followed suite, giving him one more good scowl before storming off. Her friend followed after her, calling for her to slow down, and then soon enough, they were gone.

Leaning back, Lelouch crossed his legs. So she was going to be like that, was she? Well then. If that was the case, then he’d really show her what “people like him” were like, since she so obviously seemed to know so much about “people like him.”

Whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.


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  1. Sean says:

    Huh slacker Lelouch is always an interesting thing to see and actually fitting since I recall him sleeping in class in the show too, though he was so smart it probably didn’t matter. He may have a point with why she seems so focused on him. After all, she could just ignore him entirely. Still I could understand annoyance with someone sleeping through when you’re probably just as bored and wanting to nap as well. It is cute to see her sneaking glances purposefully and how she’s clearly attracted to him but sort of denying it.

    It’s rather amusing to see him pulling moves like that in an attempt to get her to just move. Her wanting him to sit next to her but being annoyed by the touching is understandable. I’m curious if he’s interested too and that partly what he meant or if her reaction as instigated some mini-war they will be having in high school. I suppose she views him as some lazy pretty boy coasting on his good looks and possible family name.

    It is fun seeing people at odds like this here end up happily married with multiple children. Also that someone like him could be disciplined enough to eventually be in the military. Curious if enlisting shaped him up or if it was something else.

    Thank you 🙂


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