A Day in the Life of

Oh, balls. I forgot to mention that this is what Lelouch’s day probably looks like.

05:00AM | Wake up
05:10AM | Laps at the complex swimming pool
06:20AM | Return home and shower
06:40AM | Start making breakfast while C.C. gets up and showers
07:15AM | breakfast (he’s very strict about sitting down together for breakfast)
08:00AM | Kiss C.C. goodbye
08:05AM | Finish doing the dishes from breakfast

From then on, it’s his work day. Most days, Lelouch will work at home. Some other days, he’ll leave the house a little after C.C. to take the train to the studio for a recording session or meeting or whatever. Every now and then when he’s hit a complete block, he’ll take the day off and go down to the park and busk. Not that he sings; the only person he sings for is C.C., and even then he has to be drunk half the time. He usually feels a little better after performing in the park and is ready to start writing again. When he works at home, he’ll take short breaks every now and then to play with Liesl, who usually is curled up on the sofa in his workroom or in his lap.

12:20PM | Lunch
12:55PM | Finish doing the dishes from lunch

After lunch, he continues to work.

04:30PM | Takes a walk with Liesl at the nearby park
05:15PM | Plans out what to have for dinner
05:30PM | Starts making said dinner
06:25PM | C.C. usually comes home at this time
07:00PM | After C.C. comes out of the shower, they sit down for dinner
08:30PM | Dishes
08:50PM | Free time with C.C. until
10:00PM | Bedtime

This, of course, only applies to the weekday.


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  1. Sean says:

    Like the timeline, I really like having this entry giving detail in this manner. I think I may just like info in this form for some reason. Lelouch sounds like a morning person from this schedule which I imagine is generally not quite the same with C.C. And wow, nice that he’s only ten minutes away from a pool he can do laps at. Good amount of time spent on the workout too, which I imagine keeps him in shape. I like that giving C.C. a kiss goodbye is an integral part of his routine. Hmm, does he have his own personal studio at home then? It sounds like him making an appearance at the studio is something of surprise unless he goes there for final recordings? It’s amusing that this music super star sometimes goes and just performs in the park. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been found by his rabid fans unless he’s well known enough where they live that everyone is sort of chill about it.

    I like the image of him working with adorable puppy sleeping in his lap 🙂 I’m wondering if he has favorite dishes for breakfast and lunch or if there are reliable standbys he’ll go with. He certainly does spend what seems a regular work day working on music, though I can only imagine how time consuming something like that is. His dinners must be elaborate if he starts making them usually an hour and a half before they actually get down to eat. I wonder if he ever makes homemade pizza. I don’t know why but the idea C.C. showers twice every day is strange to me. While I can imagine some of it, I’m curious what free time generally entails for the two of them.

    Weekends I imagine are a bit more lax with more free time for C.C. and Leisl.

    Thank you 🙂


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