C.C. and Lelouch met a sorority party when C.C. was 19 years old and Lelouch 23 as the age difference between the two is 4 years. C.C. was in her sophomore year of her undergraduate studies. Lelouch was in his first year of his master’s, having just graduated from Cambridge.

Through Milly, Lelouch begins tutoring C.C. Through the course of the school year, they meet beyond their tutoring sessions, initially because of Milly and later on through their own initiative. All through this time, C.C. is simultaneously with Alex. They are not in an official relationship, but they sleep together. There is not, however, much romance going on in the Alex front. Lelouch happily supplements. During that same year during winter break, C.C. and Lelouch become sexually active with each other.

C.C. eventually breaks it off with Alex after continuously being treated poorly by Alex. During the summer, C.C. and Lelouch continue to spend time together as Milly invites the both of them to her home in Australia. As Milly was busy with Rivalz at the time, C.C. and Lelouch were left to their own devices; more than one morning did Milly catch C.C. leaving Lelouch’s bedroom – though during that summer since Alex they had stopped engaging sexually. Most of those nights in the summer were more for talking and cuddling. C.C. opened up about her “virginity” while Lelouch opened up about his family as well as why he left Cambridge and the car accident.

When they leave Australia that summer, Lelouch goes with C.C. to her family’s lake house, where they spend the rest of the break together. It isn’t until the beginning of the school year (C.C.’s junior year of her undergraduate and Lelouch’s sophomore of his master’s), however, when they finally start dating. C.C. is roughly 22 years old and Lelouch 26 at this time.

The following school year is their final year of school – graduate for Lelouch (27 years old), undergraduate for C.C. (23 years old). After graduating, C.C. and Lelouch move together to the city in which the college she will be attending for her Master’s is located. Lelouch finds an apartment and they move in together. Lelouch dedicates his time and energy into music production.

Roughly one-and-a-half more years pass by. C.C. is 25 years old and Lelouch 29. After C.C. graduates with her Master’s, she and Lelouch marry. Alexei and Milly attend the private ceremony, after which the married couple leave for Nice where they stay for the next 15 days.

Now, at ages 30 and 34 respectively, C.C. and Lelouch have been happily married for five years with their Maltese puppy Liesl.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    I really appreciate this time line of events giving their ages and sort of filling in some blanks that haven’t really been covered in chapters thus far. They really were quite young when they first met and began their relationship when I look at it all spelled out here. I’m trying to remember how much experience they each had prior to this relationship. C.C. from descriptions had sounded more experienced in a sense despite being younger, but I suppose that didn’t necessarily mean in the emotional sense going by her “virginity”. Not sure if Lelouch is any better in that department since he strikes me as someone who may have had some relationships but due to his nature and family probably didn’t really pursue much at all. So in a sense more innocent in terms of romance, though I might be completely off base.

    I forget that Milly is of course loaded too to have a home in Australia. Are C.C.’s too then? I like the reminders about the car accident and such. It is nice that they sort of stop being sexually active and focusing more on the emotional side of things as the relationship deepens further. It is sort of funny that they don’t actually start dating until three years into them knowing each other. I assume up until then it was sort of unofficial with everyone just assuming they were dating pretty much? We’ve gone into how she was his inspiration for going into music, but I wonder how hard it was for him to get started. I’m not really familiar with that sort of business of course so maybe it wasn’t that bad since he has the talent. I’d imagine that it’s a bit freeing in either case to just be able dive into it and perhaps let all that pent up creative energy loose. So it’s three years before officially dating and then another three before he pops the question? That seems a good amount though I suppose they may have known what they wanted before then. And in the present they’ve officially known each other for 11 years of their lives.


    Thank you 🙂


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