Track Thirty-Five: bath

She tried to swat him away as he tried to steal a bite of the sample. Gently slapping his hand away, she glared up at him.

“Go get your own.”
“I’ve already had one.”
“And I haven’t, so leave me alone.”

Smiling, he tried to thieve again, though this time it was more just to bother her. He was obviously enjoying the fact that her attention was on him instead of on the display of yogurt in front of them. Popping the last bite into her mouth, she aggressively chewed, all the while eyeing him. He seemed to pout.

“You didn’t have to go that far.”
“Oh, yes, I did. Now what kind of yogurt do you want? Some Go-Gurt? Or maybe you’d prefer Danimals, since you’re obviously still 8-years-old.”
“I really don’t think an 8-year-old could make you scream my name like I did last night,” he whispered into her ear. The hairs on her nape standing on end, she looked at him sharply. Chuckling to himself, he placed a tub of vanilla yogurt into the cart before giving her a sidelong look to sneakily check her reaction. Proud of himself, he quietly hummed to himself as he pushed the cart some ways away before looking over his shoulder and saying, “Aren’t you coming along to pick the wine?”

“I hate you.”
“But do you actually?”

It wasn’t until she was scrutinizing the label of a bottle when she reluctantly said that she did not, in fact, hate him. Putting his weight on the cart, he cupped his chin and smiled as he watched her. She was just so adorable, his sweet pea, his little rose, his darling wife.

“No rosé?”
“No. You must be rubbing off on me or something. I’m starting to like drinking less and less as time goes by.”
“But you’re so adorable when you drink.” Straightening up, he slung his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. “With your rosy cheeks and cute little voice…”
“What’s gotten into you? Why are you flirting so much?”
“Oh, can’t a man flirt with his wife a little? What’s wrong with wanting to make her blush a little? Especially when I have a wife as pretty as you.”

She averted her gaze as she flushed. Pleased with himself, he leaned forward to kiss her as did she, when suddenly, a loud voice shoved its way between them.


The couple turned to see a tall blond cheerfully bulldozing his way to them. Eagerly grasping her hand, he shook it.

“It’s been so long!”
“Yeah, it’s me! How have you been? You didn’t come to the reunion last year. Why not? I was looking for you! Who’s this guy? Wow, that’s a huge diamond. Did he give it to you? Is he your husband? Hi, it’s great to meet you. I’m Gino Weinberg.”
“Lelouch vi Britannia.”
“So. How’d you guys meet?”

The two glanced at one another. Regaling their love story in the middle of the wine section of a grocery store seemed somewhat…inappropriate, but neither could find a very good way to inform their accoster of the issue at hand.

“We, um… We should have dinner some time, Gino. I think then would be a better time to tell you how Lelouch and I met.”

Lelouch was surprised to hear her invite him. She usually hated social functions. Supposing then that she had been on that good of terms with Gino…?

“Oh, well, sure. Then I can tell you how I met Kallen.”
“Because Kallen is your…?”
“My fiancé. Well, I mean, I haven’t proposed yet, but it’s basically a done deal. Just gotta find the right moment to pop the question.”

They nodded politely at the exuberant young man.

“Well, anyway, I’ll let you guys get on with your shopping. C.C., how can I reach you so we can plan out this little dinner party?”
“I suppose I could give you my phone number.”

Bemused, Lelouch watched silently as they exchanged numbers. Waving his hand only, he bid Gino Weinberg good-bye and patiently waited until he was out of sight before asking her what had just happened.

“I’m not quite sure either…”
“I take it then that you were close in high school?”
“…Kind of. He was…” She finally turned to look at him. Tugging his blue cardigan over her shoulders, she shrugged. “He was just someone I dated for a while. It wasn’t anything serious though. Obviously, since he came running over at the sight of me.”
“Gee, Lelouch, I didn’t know you’d be upset with my still being in love with him,” she said wryly. “If I’d known, I wouldn’t have told you about my past with him.”
“I just didn’t think people usually agreed so readily to have dinner with their not-serious high school boyfriends.”

She crossed her arms.

“Are we going to have an issue with this?”

She raised a brow, and he straightened up. Looming over her, he crossed his arms.

“We’re not. I trust you. Besides. I’ll just break him if he tries anything.”
“He was captain of the varsity basketball team. And they won state every year he was on the team, by the way.”
“And I was captain of the polo team. I had a mallet, and I was personally congratulated by her Majesty, the Queen herself. What does he have? His silly little trophy?”
“Be careful. Gino broke a guy’s nose senior year. You had your wrist fractured at 27.”

He opened his mouth to protest when he realized she was just teasing him. Flushing, he muttered something or other under his breath. Smiling to herself, she smoothed his hair.

“Now who’s adorable when they blush?”

When he refused to look at her, she kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around him.

“You’re everything I think of, everything I ever need, and everything I’ve ever wanted, Lelouch. I would choose you a trillion times over anyone else. Including Gino Weinberg.”
“You’re mine,” he said childishly. She couldn’t help but smile; he could be so cute at times.
“And happily so.”

Leaning in, she gave him the kiss he had wanted so much just minutes earlier. It seemed to lighten his mood because he finally stopped frowning and sheepishly smiled at her.

“I love you, rabbit. Only you.”
“You can love Liesl too.”
“Then Liesl too. But only you two.”

And that was the simple truth of it all.

Track 35bath by OFFONOFF


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    It’s fun seeing them sort of bicker about something as trivial as a free sample of yogurt, though of course it’s ultimately harmless. They do seem to bring out one another’s youth if that makes any sense. At least I think it’s yogurt, but then I’m not sure if you chew it. Never had yogurt myself. And hey, kids brands can still be perfectly good even if you’re an adult. That was a good comeback to her lines that that certainly stopped her short 🙂 Him preening himself about it is kind of hilarious too.

    I’d imagine C.C. could get very cute while drunk, which is probably a contrast to Lelouch being such a sad one. He is laying the flirting on pretty heavily, but I’d imagine he’s just been struck by the mood to do so while they’re out doing these little mundane things with one another. I was surprised you actually knew someone who was as much a motor mouth as Gino is here, which is an interesting take from him. He was always the energetic sort I suppose.

    I immediately guessed he was a past boyfriend just from his demeanor and questions which turned out correct. Doesn’t exactly surprise me and at least he’s a pretty nice guy who hopefully didn’t leave any bad memories. Can sort of see why she didn’t really go for him though. I mean, you could simply say they were introduced by a mutual friend and he tutored her for a time to simplify things, but to tell the whole thing would certainly take a while. Dude seems to have a sort of lacking for personal space.

    It is always a little fun seeing him get a bit jealous which you can see as soon as he notes how C.C. isn’t all that cold to him and actually offers to have dinner. The reveal of the fiancé then is something of a relief I imagine in defusing that notion just a bit. It is a bit surprising she offered so quickly but then I suppose doing that might have been the easiest way to get rid of him. I might give it to Gino in the event of a fight though I suppose Lelouch could hold his own a bit.

    Seeing him get a bit possessive is quite endearing though, isn’t it? She certainly seems to think so. Glad they didn’t forget the dog in the mix. That would have been heartless of them.

    Thank you 🙂


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