Track Thirty-Two: Emotional

“L’addition, s’il vous plaît.”
“Oui, monsieur.”

Settling back into his seat, he smiled at his wife, who was leaning forward and held her pretty, glowing face as if to show off her glittering wedding ring to the rest of the restaurant. He felt her foot slide up his shin, teasing him and nudging him towards the night they’d been waiting for since that winter holiday so long ago.

“I didn’t know I had married such a wealthy man.”

He glanced up from the receipt he’d been signing with a flourish. Slipping the sleek platinum card back into his wallet, he pocketed the leather fold.

“Apparently our server didn’t either.”

She giggled, and he reached for her hand. Together, they left the restaurant and its prized view of the Mediterranean.

“Now then. Since we’re finally here in paradise after a long, tiring flight, what would my darling like to do during our first night together as husband and wife?”

The tips of her fingers tickled his chin as she touched his face and looked up at him with wide eyes. Eyes fluttering, she lifted her lips up towards him. Catching them with his own, he held her waist and pulled her closer. Closing his eyes, he reveled in the soft touch of her lips, in the teasing of her tongue, and the feeling of her pressing up against him, her hands flat on his chest as she breathed into his ear what his darling wanted to do for the rest of their first night together as husband and wife.

Thankfully, most other guests seemed to have gone out for dinner because as they stood in the small elevator together, and he pressed her up against the wall and helped her out of her knit, there was no one to stare with disapproval as he slid his knee between her legs and kissed the sweet flesh of her neck. The strap of her dress slid down, and his hand followed, moving from her newly bare shoulder to the bust of her dress. His fingers slipping in, he nearly undressed her there and then, when the doors to the elevator suddenly opened.

As if woken from a trance, he blinked at his wife, who stared back at him with half-lidded eyes hazy with lust and excitement.

“…The room,” she whispered. “It’s on this floor, I think.”
“Right,” he stammered. Flushing, he grabbed her hand before catching the doors from sliding shut completely. Stepping out into the brightly lit hall, his shirt half untucked and hair ruffled, he looked up and down the hall before taking a right. Clutching her knit close to her chest, she quickly followed after him. There was a warmth in the pit of her stomach, and it was growing more and more impatient with every passing second… Wouldn’t he help her feed it? With his thick, hard…

They didn’t even wait for the door to their suite close to start stripping. Kicking off her heels, she jumped on him. Catching her, he lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around him. Already could she feel his bulge pressing against the wet spot on her panties; the anticipation made her moan into the kiss. She had dreamt of this for months. How much longer was she going to have to wait?!

He put her gently on the bed, their lips parting as he fiddled with the belt of his pants. Reaching to undo the buttons of his shirt, she helped him out of his clothes until he was pinning her down on the bed. Fidgeting under him, she brushed against his erection with her leg and saw the pre-cum slowly stain his briefs. Swallowing hard, she looked up at him, nearly blinded with lust.

“You’re mine now,” he said softly. He smiled at her affectionately as he drew a finger down her cheek, then her jawline. “You’re all mine.”
“I am yours.”

He appraised her for some time, as if etching in with precise detail how she looked now, under him with her hair spread out over the sheets like a halo, her flushed smile beaming at him, the skirt of her dress riding up until you could very nearly see how wet her panties were, when she asked him to kiss her.

“I will kiss you. And I’ll do more.” Bending down, he lightly kissed her lips. “I’ll make sure you never forget who you belong to.”

She shivered, enjoying the trembling thrill from the glint in his eyes. Barely able to look at him from all the excitement, she asked him if she was allowed to undress too. Glaring at her, he released her but continued to straddle her. Propping herself up on her elbows, she gave him a pleading look. All she wanted was to feel good – to make him feel good – but if he wouldn’t get off her, how was she supposed to do that?

“You can go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. Make yourself presentable. Fuckable.”

She nodded. Whatever change had overcome her husband between their dinner, when he’d pulled out her chair for her and complimented her and wooed her all over again, and now had been triggered unintentionally, but whatever it was, she hoped she would find out soon; in all her years of promiscuity, she didn’t think she’d ever been this turned on. He seemed to know it too, because as she slipped off the bed to make herself “fuckable,” he slapped her on the ass as he told her to “hurry along now” as he was “not a patient man.” The warmth in her stomach flared up, making her body hot all over, and she glanced over her shoulder as she slipped into the bathroom to see him smirk and wink at her.

Standing over the small special suitcase she’d packed, the young bride mulled over the ribbons and lace lying inside. Which would he like most, she wondered.

Ah, well, there was really only one way to find out, wasn’t there? To try each and every one of them during the next few evenings.

It would certainly be hard work, but work neither would complain about simply because it was happy work. Husband-and-wife work.

Wonderful, beautiful, messy, husband-and-wife work.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Wow, they waited till flying all the way out to France and such before getting to it. I suppose they must have wanted it to be as special as possible and a nice dinner during the honeymoon is a nice prelude I’d say. I admit I don’t quite get Lelouch’s response about being wealthy, though it might just be flying over my head right now. Quite the picture though in them passionately kissing with the sea in view. And of course, they’re just sort of engaging in teasing up to the big moment.

    I’m not familiar with what a knit is aside from it being a term for creating clothing generally using yarn. Definitely a pretty hot scene going on in that elevator and I sort of wonder if they might have gotten right to it there if not for a variety of reasons not to. Elevator sex could be kind of hot I suppose. They’re completely gone though from the looks of things it’s a wonder they managed to find the room. Their minds are also consumed, which feels appropriate given the mood going and the sheer anticipation going on.

    Nice catch on Lelouch’s part as that easily could have gone wrong if they weren’t careful. I’m curious who was anticipating this more. C.C. certainly seems a possibility for the title given how utterly eager she is here, though why shouldn’t she? I do like that he’s got a mixture of domination and sweet affection mingling together here with his words and actions. Sort of shows how even with all the lust there’s a very clear part of him that is just ecstatic to finally be with his loved one in this way. She’s probably quite the sight under him as well from the description.

    Still, he does get into the role quite well for his first time. I wonder if he’d maybe run through this in his head several times. And she’s loving every minute of it which I’m sure he can see as well. Just more fuel for the fire I suppose. The image of him winking though is hilarious to me for some reason. I wonder how much it matter what she wears since she’ll eventually be out of it I’d think. Though still, she likely makes for a very beautiful image in lingerie. Those were probably some very messy evenings that went all around that room.

    Thank you 😀


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