Track Thirty-Three: Nobody

Though it certainly wasn’t the first time he’d seen her so intimately, it didn’t stop her from standing shyly in the doorway. The diamonds on her ring catching the soft light of the bedroom, she tightly held her sheer robe closed as her husband smiled at her from where he sat on the bed.

Tentatively walking across the room towards him, she lightly placed her hands on his shoulders as he kissed her collarbone.

“You’ve never looked lovelier.”

She felt him gently pull the robe aside; she shivered at his hand touching her bare skin. The hairs on her nape standing on end, she brushed the hair from his forehead and kissed him before winding her arms around his neck. Reaching up, he slid the delicate fabric from her shoulders and let it pool around their feet.

As he stood up in front of her, she felt her breath leave her as he stooped down to hug her. Pressing his lips against her temple, he closed his eyes as he told her how beautiful she was. Blushing, she tightly held him as her eyes darted between him and the bed that lay beyond – and what would come once he took her to that bed – when he surprised her by gently nipping her ear and growling, “But you really ought to take that off if you know what’s good for you.”

As he pressed his lips hard against her, her legs gave away under her. Catching her, he set her down on the bed. Watching – waiting – she lay still and quietly as he boxed her in.

“My pearl… Light of my life,” he murmured. “I promised you I wouldn’t let you forget who you belong to, didn’t I?”

She nodded. Silently, she marveled at the seamless role reversal, as he lowered himself and caressed her neck with his lips. She undeniably had far more experience than he, and yet, as they lay there on their wedding bed, he seemed so cool and in control, she couldn’t help but question who the virgin was among the two.

Trying her best not to squirm, she closed her eyes and bared her neck to his kisses. His finger slid under the bridge of her bra as he slowly made his way down past her collarbone and neared her breast, all the while leaving little red marks in his wake. Arching her back, she sighed as he slid the lace up to bare her breasts and leave them vulnerable to his hands and lips.

His tongue swirling around, he teased her all the while keeping her frustratingly still. His hands wrapped around her wrists, they made her his completely, and for the most part, she gave herself to him readily. She felt good because of him, albeit frustrated; her only complaint thus far was his choice to ignore how wet he had made her.

For the most part, however, she was good and quiet until his teeth delicately clamped down on her nipple, both making her cry out in surprise and sending the strangest ripples of pleasure through her. Eyes wide, she looked down at her husband, who was studying her with a catlike gaze. Gently blowing air on her breast, he kissed her there and started to shift down, when she said to him, “…Won’t you kiss me?”

Releasing her, he held her face as he made her heady with a heavy kiss. Out of breath, she brought him closer and wrapped her arms around him. Tangling her fingers in his silky midnight hair, she closed her eyes as he lifted her up. Settling behind her, he helped her slip her panties off before discarding them elsewhere. Her heart jumping into her throat, she flushed a deep red as she watched his hands massage her thighs, his fingers running against the soft flesh of her inner thighs, growing ever closer to her taint while she felt his arousal press against her from behind until she couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out, “Just do it already. Stop teasing, and just do it.”

His lips were set in a straight line but his eyes laughed at her as she whined and whimpered. The tip of his finger brushing against her slit, he whispered in her ear, “But you haven’t earned it yet.”

“H-how do I earn it?” Her voice shook from anticipation, and she tried to push her hips forward. But he took his hand away and crossly frowned at her. Shrinking, she leaned against him.

“I’m sorry.” She stammered, embarrassed by her readiness to submit. “I won’t do it again.”
“Make sure it doesn’t. I’m not finished with you, and it’d be a terrible shame if we had to stop suddenly because you can’t listen to simple instructions.”
“Please,” she whispered. “Have your way with me.”
“I intend to,” he said with a quiet laugh. Squeezing her eyes shut, the young bride waited with bated breath until she felt him spread her taint wide. Taking in a breath shaky from lust, she instinctively reached for something to grab onto.

Running her hand down his arm, she let it come to a stop on his hand as he toyed with her. Near tears with frustration, she squirmed.

“Please… Please help me,” she begged. “Please do it. I can’t take it anymore. Please, Lelouch. Save me from this feeling. I just can’t take it anymore. I’ll go crazy.”
“Do you promise to make me your sole master?”

Master…? What…was he talking about? But the second she said it aloud, and she saw the expectant look on his face, a thrill rushed through her. Master? Of course that was what he was talking about. What else could he have been talking of? Just as they had said their vows earlier today an ocean away, they were exchanging promises now where she would promise to be exclusive to him and entrust herself to him in such intimate and vulnerable ways while he swore to care for and satisfy her in ways that even she, with her worldliness, had been unable to experience.

She nodded, all of a sudden very calm and at peace. His cold exterior melted, and for a split second before he kissed her saw the warm, gentle smile of his mild-mannered and strait-laced persona.

“There’s a good girl,” he said softly. She glowed at his praise and was on the verge of telling him that she loved him, when instead, she gasped and promptly melted in his arms as he abruptly began to fuck her, for lack of a better word, with his fingers.

It was only the first of the evening’s orgasms, but as she lay there, her husband’s cock straining against his briefs and his wet fingers being licked clean, she already felt a surge of energy.

Her master he may be but he was not the only one with an appetite to satiate. Pulling him down, she met his lips in the middle before slipping a hand into the band of his briefs.

She had promised to make him her sole master but had said nothing about being obedient. Sometimes, you just had to take what you wanted, no matter what anyone said or did, and the blushing bride did just that: she took “matters” into her own hand.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is cute to see her getting all shy in front of them as they get to the big moment. I also like the image of him smiling at her from the bed as he admires her. The whole thing is really romantic I think and then of course after being all sweet he starts switching over as they get down to it. It really is quite surprising to see him be such an utter natural at this though probably for the best. And I suppose they did have plenty of time to experiment and for him to get to know her body quite a bit. He’s certainly getting her going with all he’s doing.

    It is sort of fun seeing him tease her and play the whole role in asking her to earn it and such. Ah and this is the first time they did the whole Master thing I see. And aside from the initial confusion she very quickly starts rolling with it. The logic to it all feels a bit strange but from the perspective they’re coming from I think I get it. As mentioned I do like the way he’ll shift out for moments here and there which lets you know he’s never being too serious about what he’s saying to her. It’s also continually amusing that despite playing the submissive role she always does take the opportunity to tease when it is presented to her.

    Thank you 🙂


  2. Sean O'Brien says:

    Missed putting in the name that time but it’s me. Which is probably obvious…


    1. C.C. says:

      What?!?! That was you?!


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