Track Thirty: Sugar and Me


Three heads swiveled to stare blearily at the fresh face that had appeared in the doorway. The unknown young woman straightened up as she gave a half wave.

“Is Lelouch vi Britannia here by any chance…?”

At the other end of the recording studio, another door opened to let in the very person the lady was speaking of. The moment he stepped back in, her face brightened.

“Oh! Hello!”

He blankly blinked at her. Smiling at her politely, he tried his best not to furrow his brows. She couldn’t help but giggle; he was just so cute. It was a wonder he wasn’t taken. It was so incredibly rare to find a guy like him that some girl hadn’t snatched up.

“Can I help you with something?”
“I was asked to bring this to you.”

She held out a thin envelope. Curious, he reached out to take it, when someone shoved her to the side to storm into the studio. The three faces sitting at the soundboard sighed before melting away. They’d been going at it hard for the past three hours, and with it creeping into midnight… At least Lelouch would be distracted some to let them rest and recuperate.

“I need you.”
“C.C., I’m somewhat predisposed at the moment. I don’t know if I can-”
“It’s,” she hissed, “Alex.”

His face seemed to harden at the name, surprising the girl. Lelouch had seemed so mild-mannered. Nothing ever upset him. Though she’d watched him from afar, he seemed like the gentlest person to have ever existed. And yet, here he was with a scowl on his face.

If it weren’t quite so sexy, she’d have been scared. Whoever this Alex was, Lelouch must have a huge bone to pick with him because he seemed to genuinely seethe. Glancing over his shoulder, he asked his partners if they could wrap everything up for the night. They would continue tomorrow morning, he promised, but right now, he had some business to take care of.

They nodded with newfound vigor. Of course they could. Of course.

Taking the letter from her, he brusquely thanked her before reaching for the girl’s hand. Hurriedly stepping aside, she watched them leave, especially noticing their linked hands.

…Maybe she had been too hasty in saying he was single.

. . .

“What did he do now?” he asked the moment they were outside. Digging her heels into the ground, she replied that he hadn’t done anything.

“You’ve holed yourself up in there for 5 hours, Milly’s out on a date with Rivalz, and I’m bored.”

He would have been angry with her for lying – for making him white with worry – but he could never stay upset with her for long, and even as they stood there in the sweet air of the cool spring evening, he felt his incredulity melt into a bashful happiness simply from being with her.

Even so, he made sure to lecture her. Interrupting while he was working, save for genuine emergencies, was bothersome, he said, so the next time, please, for the love of God, as much as he loved her, please refrain from bothering him unless there was an actual crisis.

“But this is an actual emergency. I almost died of boredom.”
“Sweetheart, you could have rung me if you were bored. I was about to come home in an hour anyway.”
“Yeah, well, this way, you’ll be home an hour sooner.”

He looked her up and down as she stood in front of him in her ripped boyfriend jeans and thin white t-shirt. Though it was dark, he could still make out the faint black lace of her bra. Interested, he scrutinized her some more to make sure she had gotten his point before tentatively asking: “Is that part of a matching set?”

“Why don’t you find out?”
“Don’t you want to?” She stepped closer and placed his hands on her waist. “I’ll be nice today and make it easy.”

He snorted. Right. Sure she was. If he had learned anything, ever since they had started dating, she had only made it harder and harder for him to do anything of the carnal and/or erotic nature with her. Why would she ever make things easier for him? Especially when he’d cloistered himself in the studio all day today?

“I’m serious.” She pouted. “I can be nice too, you know.”

He tapped her on the nose. She made a face and stuck her tongue out at him. Smiling, it wasn’t until he had bent down to kiss her when he tasted the wine on her lips.

“Sweet pea, have you been drinking?”
“So what if I have?”
“Is that why you asked me to come out? Because it’s lonely to drink alone?”

She shrugged and refused to neither confirm nor deny his suspicions. Hugging her close, he cooed at her.

“There’s a film I’ve been wanting to watch. Would you like to go see it?”
“Right now?”
“And then we can grab a snack afterwards.”

She shivered. “I’m cold,” she whimpered. Clicking his tongue, he gave her his cardigan. Shrugging it on, she closed it tight around herself before beaming at him.

“It smells like you.”

Giggling, she took his hand as he led her down the pathway to the nearest metro station. With hurried steps, she bumped into him, wrapping her arms around his waist in the clumsy sort of way that only the tipsy could manage. Kissing her head, he tightly held her as they rushed to the cinema, all the while keeping the envelope from Cartier close to his chest if only to hide from her a little longer his future surprise.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    I never saw a name, but I’m guessing this is Shirley? Either way it’s too late girl! You missed your shot a long time ago! Lelouch certainly seems to be quite demanding of those he works with on his music, though I’d guess this is still early on and he’ll maybe mellow out a bit. Or he’s always a bit of a taskmaster and just happens to always come up with something great. It is amusing that those with him see Shirley and C.C. showing up as moments of reprieve for them to at least get a bit of rest. But damn, given what happened Lelouch getting really serious and grim at the mere mention of him being involved makes perfect sense. He wouldn’t want to have him anywhere near either of them.

    If Shirley has been watching him from afar, she must have really missed the signs he was already taken or just never saw it. Laughed at his partners so enthusiastically saying it’s just fine to hold off until tomorrow since now they can get some rest. Well, at least Shirley figured out he’s taken so she can start looking elsewhere.

    I’d probably share his annoyance at the sort of trick she pulled though holing up for that long isn’t exactly a great idea either. He really could use the break if he’d been holed up that long. He does have a point that she should save this sort of thing for emergencies and not make some up just because she is bored. What the hell are boyfriend jeans though? Are they his jeans she has claimed? I am amused he latches onto her bra and then his mind starts going in other direction.

    I’d guess that her lessening their amount of carnal activities is related to her wanting to wait, though it sounds like maybe she throws him a bone every now and then. The whole conversation here like her drinking alone possibly and such is very sweet to see especially since they’re now fully dating and for some time now. The bit with cardigan is rather adorable as was her being all giggly. And I’d guess that’s the ring he’s going to propose with 😀

    Thanks 🙂


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