Track Twenty-Nine: Cider

Turning the volume down low, he let the remote fall from his hand. Losing it between the tangle of legs, he turned to his wife.

“Could I have a bite, do you think?”
“You’re not the boss of me.”

She glanced at him through the delicious steam wafting from the slice. Rolling her eyes, she chewed before letting out a sigh. Offering him her slice, she glumly watched him before leaning forward and catching the mushroom hanging from his lips. His tongue quickly chasing hers, he reached up to touch her face, when she pulled away. A thin string of cheese connecting their lips, she blinked at him before giggling.

“I got you your own pizza,” she said. Passing him the small box, she licked her fingers. “It’s baked ziti pizza. Because you like pasta.”
“I don’t like pasta that much,” he murmured. But the moment he opened the box, he couldn’t help but take a deep whiff. Good Lord that smelled heavenly.

“Was I right to order it?”

He glanced up at her, mouth watering but silent. She had been right, yes. But that didn’t mean he wanted to admit it. Stubbornly, he only eyed the pizza, when she reached across to take away the box.

“Yes, you were right,” he said hurriedly. “You were right. I’m sorry. May I have the pizza now?”

Grinning at him, she handed him the pie. Settling in beside him, she reached for her third slice.

“Mmm… There’s nothing better than pizza after sex,” she sighed. Smiling, she leaned up to peck him on the lips.

“Sweet,” he mumbled. “Very sweet.”
“What is?”
“Life, when I’m with you.”

She groaned as he laughed to himself. Ah, well. At least he wasn’t making a mess of her anymore. For the time being anyway.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Post-coital pizza is best pizza? It’s funny that they’ve sort of switched roles with him pleading her for pizza (perhaps that’s a strong term, but you get the gist) when just before he was probably dominating her into ecstasy. Sexily eating food like that is kind of hot though I wonder how practical or clean that is. I was wondering about the smaller pizza and it’s sweet she ordered him a special one just for him to have and got one she thought he’d like.

    I sort of imagine that getting him to admit he likes pizza of any kind is some sort of victory in her eyes. I don’t think there’s many people though who would think eating pizza after sex is all that great. And damn, that’s a hell of a cheesy line out of Lelouch. Damn good one though. And is she implying they might have more sex after this? I think it might be best to let the food settle before doing any of that.

    Thank you 🙂


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