Track Twenty-Seven: Hello

Resurfacing, he breathed in deeply. His hands dripping, he slicked his hair back before settling his goggles on his head. Rubbing his face, he opened his eyes to find a pair of heels waiting behind him. He followed the long, creamy legs up to a navy skirt and a baby blue blouse. Between the folds of her shirt was a glittering amethyst. Standing up, he squinted up at her.

“How did it go?”

She shrugged. He scrutinized her; if she was trying to cover up how she felt, then it meant she wasn’t feeling very confident about what had happened. He cautiously hoisted himself out of the water, careful not to splash her.

“You don’t have any classes today, do you?”

She shook her head.

“Would you like to go out for lunch today then? We can go pick up a pizza from Varuni’s and watch a movie.”
“That sounds nice.”

Lifting her hand to his lips, he kissed her softly.

“Then just give me a moment to take a quick shower.”

When he came out, his hair damp, he found her seated on the bench besides the locker room doors. Her purse in her lap, she quietly swung her legs back and forth. Taking a seat beside her, he reached for her hand.

“Come on then. Varuni’s is waiting.”

She wrapped her arms around his waist as they walked down the corridor together. Putting his arm around her shoulders, he kept her close as they walked out into the fresh spring air. Hopefully she would feel a little more herself with a full and happy tummy. He certainly hoped so.

. . .

“…It wasn’t so bad. They told me they would call me back within the week for a second interview.”
“That’s good. I knew they’d like you.”
“I hope.”

He bent down to kiss her. She held his neck as he helped her settle into his lap. Running his hand up her leg, he tugged her knee socks down and slipped a finger up her shorts. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she ran her lips over his cheek and jaw. Tickling him, she kissed his neck as he massaged her clit, when she lightly touched his wrist. Burying her face in his chest, she said softly, “Not today. I just…can’t today.”

“That’s alright.”
“I’m sorry, rabbit.”

He shushed her. Cradling her, he held her close.

“I don’t care what we do, as long as we’re doing it together.”
“Me too,” she said. Kissing his cheek, she sat up and hugged him. Winding his arms around her waist tightly, he closed his eyes as he whispered, “I’m happy just being with you, sweet pea.”

“So, um… Do you mind if I ask you something kind of personal?”
“Depends on what you’re asking. If it’s about the midterm exam, I won’t be of much help. You may see her three times a week but I’m the one who has to sleep with her.”

Suzaku colored. He should probably stop thinking about things that way. Come on, Suzaku. Get your head out of the gutter, man.

“How…did you get Professor Corabelle to fall in love with you?”

As they sat together on the bench, Suzaku watched as he fed the puppy a small, colorful treat. Straightening up, he took a sip of his coffee before asking, “May I ask why you’re so curious as to how my wife fell in love with me?”

“…There’s this girl that I met, and… And, you know, I just… I don’t really know what to do in order to impress her, and I was wondering maybe since she seems to really like you that maybe I could have a few…pointers or…something,” he mumbled.

There was an odd silence, until suddenly, the man laughed. Flushing, Suzaku nervously glanced at him.

“Well, I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer in terms of advice. She chose me, not the other way around. I count myself as extremely fortunate; she could have had anyone in the world, but she chose me. You could always ask my wife if you’re in such terrible need for counsel.”

They sat on the bench as mothers with strollers and pet-owners and exercise nuts passed by. Liesl played with a dry leaf by their feet, and Suzaku was careful to move his feet when the leaf landed by his shoes.

“But I can tell you this. Trust in yourself. From what C.C.’s told me, you’re very clever and kind and respectful, and you’re quite handsome too. The worst thing you can do to yourself – and to her, whoever this girl is – is pretend to be someone you’re not. So have some faith; I’m sure the kind of love you’re seeking is the kind that’s best founded on trust and honesty.”

It was all rather cliché, but he supposed he was right. Even if he was sure that he could never be good enough for Euphemia li Britannia…

But hey. He’d already met her, hadn’t he? And she knew his name and everything. That was a lot more than a lot of people could say.

So, he took a sip of his water and tried to cheer himself up. Stooping down, he scratched Liesl between her ears. She wagged her tail at him before licking his hand.

If Liesl could like him, then surely her Grace could too…right?


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    I noticed from the font that it was a flashback though I admit I wasn’t sure where it was headed at first. On a guess by the questions and such, my first guess was a job interview that she wasn’t confident about, which turned out to be right. I imagine she must be near graduating if she’s interviewing already, though I don’t know how that works with teachers. And there is a place called Veruni’s! And it specializes in wood fired pizzas which are awesome! Dammit now I want pizza 😦 Can’t blame her for not being in the mood with the stress from the interview. The entire exchange between them really was very sweet though with him being supportive as you would expect.

    I wonder if he actually knows enough about her exams that he could be a source of info. It really is amusing that he just keeps going back there in his head, but then you said Suzaku really was quite the horny kid. I like the implied sort of guard there is behind Lelouch’s response to the question as if he’s half wondering if Suzaku actually want to try romancing his wife. The laugh after Suzaku explains being connected to that as well when he sees that isn’t the case. And yeah C.C. might be better for advice. Also not sure how Lelouch would take knowing this kid is trying to romance his sister.

    Man, imaging a maltese puppy play with a leaf is just so adorable. The advice Lelouch does give Suzaku does seem quite good to me and Suzaku certainly does have a lot going in his favor. He sure is aiming quite high of course, but hey they’ve seemed to hit it off so far. To be fair on that last point, I’m sure Leisl likes pretty much everyone.

    Thank you 🙂


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