Track Twenty-Five: Parrotbill

“Come on. No one’s here.”
“Oh, sweetheart. I love you, but I really don’t think I can do this.”
“What if I helped you? Could you do it then?”

He reluctantly looked at her as she unbuttoned his shirt. Half-heartedly pulling her hands away, he glanced over her shoulder at the calm swimming pool beyond. While it was true that it was late and that it was unlikely for anyone to come…

“Cera darling…”

She stopped at the sound of his soft voice. He apologetically smiled at her as he held her hands.

“I’m sorry.”

She nodded as he leaned forward.

“But I really do think that it would be a shame to waste an opportunity like this. I get to see you in a costume so rarely, and you do look so lovely in it I’d like to just enjoy it all.”

“But this is more fun, isn’t it? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Oh, there was a plethora of worst things that could happen, but Lelouch gave voice to none of them. Instead, he sat there quietly, thinking – debating, weighing the pros and cons – before sighing.

“…Okay. But only because you seem to want it so much.”

Beaming at him, she clasped her hands together. “I’ll go first.”

He watched with mild amusement as she pulled the straps of her swimming costume down. Hugging herself, she quickly ran to the pool as he admired her. Jumping in, she gasped after resurfacing.

“It’s so cold!”

Making a face, he shed his own clothes before delicately slipping into the cool water. Shivering, he sunk to the ground before finding his footing. Standing up, he looked down into the clear, clean water.

Well, if there was anyone in want of a nude show, at least they would be able to see everything with HD clarity.

He slicked his hair back and rubbed his face, only to open his eyes to see two very large, doe eyes blinking at him. He stumbled back as his wife giggled.

“Why so scared? It’s not as if it’s the first time you’ve seen me naked.”

Blushing furiously, he averted his eyes. He was not going to be aroused. Not here, not now, not ever. Not in the pool of the Radisson, anyway. But she seemed to have other plans in mind because she floated up to him to where he stood with his arms folded on dry land and wrapped her arms around him. Shivers ran up his back as he felt her press into him with her soft, tender brea…

Perhaps if he recited the national anthem, all lust would fade away. More so if he thought of her Majesty, the Queen.

But nope. She wouldn’t let him do even that. His wife shoved the Queen out to make room for herself in his head as she jumped on him. Grunting, he reflexively reached around to support her, when he accidentally grabbed her arse. She squealed in his ear, her soft breath making the hairs on his nape rise.

“Oh, God…” he moaned.
“What’s wrong?”

He only shook his head, and she hoisted herself up until her breasts were sitting on his shoulders. Lelouch looked up at the twinkling night sky. It had been a while since he had prayed, but as he stood there, he begged fervently that the Almighty would grant him the strength to resist the temptation that was his wife.

“Thataway,” she said. Declaring him her magnificent stallion, she urged him towards the opposite end of the pool. Sighing, he began to the long wade over when she suddenly slipped off. Confused, he looked around. She had seemed determined to have him carry her. Why had she gotten off without so much as an explanation?

Yelping, he plummeted down into the depths of the deep end, when he felt something press against his lips. He opened his eyes to see a mermaid smiling at him. Her long hair flowed gracefully all around her beautiful face, and as she smiled at him, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace.

How lovely she was.

Reaching for his hand, she led him to the surface. Breaking, he drew in a deep breath.

“Are you still mad at me?”
“I was never mad.” Bewildered, he looked at her quizzically. “Did I seem upset?”
“You didn’t seem to be having much fun.”

Ah. Well…

Drawing her closer, he pressed his forehead against hers. Tangling their fingers together, he quietly said, “I’m mad for you, but certainly not mad at you. I am having fun, even if it may not look like it.”

“There’s a hot tub over there. Would that be more interesting to you?”
“Whichever you want.”

She led him out of the pool and into the steamy heat of the bubbling jacuzzi. Sitting together, he put his arm around her shoulder as they quietly contemplated their vacation.

“It was nice seeing Milly again,” she said softly. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
“Just long enough. She can be a bit…much to handle at times. I think I’ve got a good enough dose to last me until next year.”

They laughed together quietly. Milly would always be remembered fondly between the two. It had been because of her, hadn’t it? That they had found each other. They were indebted to her for their profound happiness, or in the very least, owed it to her, and with the deep, lifelong connection they had forged in their youth, it was easy for them to pour mischievous affection into their friend.

“Do you remember Rivalz’s proposal to her?”
“The first or the second?”
“The third.”

He laughed. That was right. He’d gone as far as proposing not once, twice, but three times. Of course, it would be difficult to properly call the first two a proposal but it had carried the same sentiment and so was addressed accordingly.

“I only thank God you didn’t put me through what Milly put him through.”
“Yes, well, I almost did because you were taking so long to pro-”
“Excuse me, sir. Madam.”

The couple turned to see a matronly woman peering down at them. The two flushed, and his wife inched closer to him, thankful for the bubbles of the jacuzzi.

“I apologize, but some of the other guests have noticed your…choice in wardrobe, and we would like to request that you comply with our rules so as to avoid inconveniencing anyone.”
“Right,” he said. “Sorry.”
“I will leave these here for your use. Thank you and please enjoy the rest of your stay at the Radisson.”

She set down the tray before quickly walking away. They stared at the snow-white bathrobes glowing at them in the dark.

“…How many people saw us, do you think?” he asked faintly.
“Enough,” she grinned. Stepping out, she wrapped herself up before handing him the remaining robe.

“I think I know the perfect place to continue.”

And that was more than enough incentive for him to step out and gather their clothes to rush back to their suite.

Hopefully the perfect place wouldn’t bring the rest of the hotel staff to their door. But who knew? Maybe if they were loud enough…


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    There’s something just funny that despite him being the dominant one, she’s the one going for these sorts of things while Lelouch is balking at it. And that despite the obvious reasons not to go along with this, he still gives in to her requests to go through with it. That man just can’t help but want to entertain and please his wife. The HD line definitely got a laugh out of me for how clear it would look to anyone who happened to take a peek out. Definitely understand why he wouldn’t want to get aroused under those circumstances and he’s already nervous as is, but she definitely wasn’t making it easy not to. Especially when he’s accidently grabbing things that get nice reactions from her.

    I admit I lost it when she said Thataway and the image in conjured for how absurd and playful it was. It really does seem like he brings out her playful side more than anyone else. I imagine the want to tease is happening as well. I never do get how people can see underwater without goggles. I can’t recall ever doing that without needing to quickly shut them but I see it all the time like her or in various movies. She’d certainly be a sight to see underwater like that. Hot tub naked certainly sounds interesting though I have to wonder if that would be comfortable or not.

    And wow, I feel bad for Rivalz though at least that eventually turned out well for him. I wasn’t sure you were actually going to do it, but them getting caught was hilarious. I wonder if pictures got taken and sent out. I can imagine those would be popular with his fans. And good lord if Suzaku happened to see pics of C.C. accidently. Still, the hotel was courteous enough though a swanky place like that probably deals with this sort of thing more often than you might think. I’m curious how loud they actually get when they want to.

    Thank you 🙂 And sorry if this one’s a bit scatterbrained. I’m a bit distracted tonight


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