Track Sixteen: The Moon Song

“Oh, it’s so wonderful to find a familiar face. I hope you’ve been doing well since we last met, Suzaku.”

Suzaku couldn’t believe she had remembered his name – his name – out of probably all kinds of people she had met in her duties as Duchess of Windsor. But here she was, standing in front of him in a beautiful dress, at the auction he’d helped organize. Wow. He’d have pinched himself to see if it was all a dream if it hadn’t been for the sweat crawling down his back.

“Oh, yes,” he stammered. The tips of his ears turning bright red, he wrung his hands. “It’s nice to see you too. I mean, it’s nice to see your Grace too.”
“Oh.” Her smile faltered slightly. “There’s really no need. I’m just Euphie here.”

They stood quietly for some time, and Suzaku tried his best to find a comfortable way to stand awkwardly beside her.

“So, um… Is this the kind of thing you do in your free time?”
“Oh, yes. I’m the vice-chairman of the International Animal Coalition at my school. I wasn’t supposed to come, but the Chairman couldn’t at the very last minute, so I was sent as a substitute. I can only hope I can do my school justice; I’m supposed to give a speech tonight at the end of the auction.”
“Oh, anyone would love to listen to you for hours. I know I would.”

They blinked at one another, and Suzaku tried to hit the delete button. Glancing around wildly, he apologized to her profusely, refusing to let her get a word in, before excusing himself and running away as fast as he possibly could at a black-tie event.

Throwing himself to the snowy outside, he drew in a deep breath before slowly letting out a sigh. Falling down to his haunches, Suzaku covered his face with his hands.

Oh, God, what was wrong with him?

. . .

“Shouldn’t you have gone?”
“I’m sure the press would have loved for me to have gone, but I don’t feel much for tossing them a bone tonight.”

He set the last of the tests in the large pile.

“And now that we’ve finished all the midterms off,” he said while stretching, “how would you like to spend the rest of the evening, my sweet?”
“I would like to go to bed.” She stifled a yawn. “I’ll put these in the gradebook tomorrow, but for now, I’m too tired to bother with anything.”

He nodded. “I’ll come join you in a little bit. I have to go finish something up.”

“I thought you were done for the day.”
“I was, I just want a little head start for tomorrow. It won’t take long,” he promised. She looked at him balefully but said nothing more. Kissing him goodnight, she stood up to leave. He watched her leave before getting up himself.

Just a little bit more, and he’d be able to rest easy for the evening.

All he had to do was keep at it a bit longer, and it would soon pay off.

. . .

He turned when he heard the door creak. In the doorway stood his wife. Wrapped in a blanket, she sleepily blinked at him.

“Come spoon me, rabbit.”

He glanced at the clock on his desk.

“It’s late, sweet pea. Why did you get up?”
“Because you’re not in bed with me.” Sitting in his lap, she wrapped the blanket around his shoulders too. “Nothing is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow.”

He looked up to see her staring at him intently. Almost shrinking back, he tried to hide, but she wouldn’t let him turn away.

“What’s wrong, Lelouch?” Gathering his hands in her lap, she held them tightly. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Why aren’t you in bed at 4 in the morning?”

His eyes fluttered; she patiently waited.

“…I just…don’t think I was expecting an invitation from them. What is it that they call me? ‘A blight on an otherwise spotless reputation’? They aren’t the kind of people to so openly welcome blights back.”
“Then what am I, to not only welcome but want and need and love a so-called blight?”

He looked down at his hands. Their wedding rings glimmered softly at him, and he tightly held her hands.

“The most wonderfully silly person there ever was. The most perfect imperfection to walk this earth.”
“Blight or not, I will always love you.” She kissed his temple. “And I will always, always stay with you.”
“Thank you.”

And though he had never really been afraid she’d leave, he felt a weight lift from his shoulders as she leaned on him and made him feel as un-blight-like as he had ever felt in his entire blight-y life.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Hey Suzaku gets to reunite with the lovely Euphemia again. For some reason, the idea that he organized an auction surprises me. That just doesn’t seem his kind of thing I guess, but I suppose it might have to do with me always just thinking of him as a sports guy. Not dumb or anything, but not like an ace student. It is quite interesting that she remembered him though. Either she has a good memory or he simply left a good impression being a good-looking well-built guy her own age who also happens to be really nice. I’m curious if her faltering was due to either not wanting Suzaku to get held up by her status, her wanting to not exactly be so constrained by it, or a mixture of both.

    Ah it involves animals. That sounds like Suzaku then. And serendipity that circumstances allowed them to meet again. Even if Suzaku ended up sort of flubbing and then running off at full speed in embarrassment. It’s sort of adorable how awkward he is with women or perhaps specifically women who he’s attracted to. I suppose that sort of thing could also be endearing, though the running away could be a tad irritating for the lady. He’s probably going to start having dreams about her which might make him even more flustered.

    I presume Lelouch is talking about the auction and how it would have had him seeing his half-sister. Can’t blame him for not wanting to play into that sort of thing. It is incredibly sweet that he is helping C.C. with grading the midterms, though I’m curious if he’s actually helping in the grading process or just organizing it all for her. Either way is still very nice for him to do and of course clears her schedule to have more time for the two of them.

    Not sure what he’s talking about with something paying off I must admit. Given he has been implied to not be close to them at all, getting an invitation from them out of the blue could certainly be quite disconcerting. You’d be wondering the exact motives behind such a thing. Truly he has no reason to think of himself as any kind of blight no matter who says otherwise given what’s he’s built and the people he has. C.C. makes that quite clear and it’s good he sees that at least a bit.

    Thank you 🙂


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