Track Fourteen: Someday


When he opened the door, he would have been lying if he said that he hadn’t been surprised to find that the one who knocked on his door had been C.C. If it hadn’t been for his stuffy nose and aching body, he would have been startled, but because he had come down with a cold last second, he merely sniffled his nose in surprise.

“Milly sent me with this.” She held up a steaming copper kettle. “So I thought that I’d bring these as well.”

She held up a purple folder. Stepping aside, he let her into the otherwise empty room. Glancing out the window, she watched a couple snowflakes fall until he asked her what that was.

“Tea and tests.”
“What tests?”

He gratefully took the kettle and, taking two cups, poured each of them some of the tea. Taking a seat at what she assumed was his desk – there was his phone with the Cheese-kun charm she’d given him a while back – she carefully took the tea from him.

“My tests.”

Balancing the folder on his knee, he sat on the edge of his bed and opened to see several red numbers. He was pleased to find high marks, with most perfect.

“Where’s your roommate?”
“Out, which is all that really matters to me,” he muttered.
“You should seriously consider getting on better terms with him. You’ve been living together for an entire semester, and you’ve still got a few more months left.”

She looked around the room, surprised to find it so neat. He couldn’t have known that she was coming, which only meant that even with a bad cold, he was a stickler for order. Cleanliness was next to godliness for him, huh?

“Why didn’t you go home for Christmas? Milly did.”

He glanced up from the test he’d been glancing over.

“I just didn’t.”

Spinning in his chair, she hummed to herself quietly before hazarding a, “Why did you transfer from Cambridge? Even if you’re a Fulbright Scholar, I would assume most people would want to stay at a school like Cambridge.”

He pretended to read over her work until she came to sit next to him on the bed. At the touch of their knees, he looked up as she put her hand over the test. Coughing, he tried to inch away, but she hooked their ankles together.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. It’s none of my business what happened over there between you and your family. But I just want to let you know that I’m not going anywhere for the holidays either, and that you have my number.”

Quietly he took a sip of the tea. She studied him for some time and was about to pull away, when he suddenly said, “Then what’s a girl like you doing chasing a boy like Alex Sharpe?”

“A girl like me?” She laughed softly. “What’s a girl like me?”
“Do you fancy him?”

She looked down at her boots. Wet from the snow, they glistened and winked at her, reminding her of the light in his eyes a couple weeks ago when they had all gone out to celebrate his birthday. Milly had been successful in pouring a good bit of alcohol into the birthday boy – who C.C. had been very surprised to find was turning 25 – and afterwards he’d been… Well, C.C. wouldn’t be forgetting all too soon how endearing he’d been, all silly and drunk like that. But that look in his eyes when it had just been the two of them; Milly had gone to call for a cab while Rivalz had been in the bathroom, leaving the two of them alone and the way he had looked at her had made her flush so badly, she couldn’t wait to leave the bar just so that she could hide how hard she had been blushing.

“…I guess it depends on who’s asking.”

She carefully avoided making eye contact with him. She had made a mistake saying what she had, but she couldn’t take it back now. The only thing she could do was pretend she hadn’t and hope that he would be nice enough to do the same.

“Have you had anything to eat today?”
“I just got up.” Rubbing his face with a hand, he sighed into his palm. “I probably should though.”
“Do you want to order something? It looks like we’d have to go off-campus, and I honestly couldn’t be bothered.”
“Pizza?” He made a face as he tried not to gag. “I’m going to be frank with you, pizza doesn’t sound very appetizing right now.”
“I was actually going to say Chinese. You need something spicy right now to help with the congestion, and I wouldn’t mind something to warm me up.”

She giggled as he glanced at her, clearly embarrassed. Reaching for his phone, she began dialing.

“Chinese it is then.”

As she ordered, Lelouch watched her from where he sat on the bed. So it depended on who was asking, huh?


He’d definitely spend some more time to think this over. But for the time being, he was happy to spend the winter holiday with her, no matter how sick he was. There was no question about that.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    This was a really sweet encounter early in their relationship and it was quite sweet of her to bring tea. The tests feel partially like a justification for her, though a good one given his role as her tutor. Is tea good for colds? I feel like I’ve heard that but am not sure. Any liquid would be good except alcohol I’d think. It’s adorable that she gave him a Cheese-kun charm and that he actually put it on his phone. Since it was a gift from her I suppose that’s to be expected.

    Very nice, if not unexpected, to see her performance go up on her tests. Not that C.C. is dumb, but it seemed clear she just wasn’t applying herself at all, which just makes her eventual career kind of hilarious. Sounds like even before his roommate started getting uppity about his and C.C.’s canoodling so I’m led to assume he’s sort of always all self-righteous. Sucks to be stuck with a bad roommate or one you don’t get along with. I remember that happening with my youngest sister’s first year, which was sort of sad really. And it’s quite like Lelouch to keep neat even when sick I think and I’d think would be a possible admirable trait for her, so long as he doesn’t take it too far I suppose.

    Seems to be the first time she’s catching hints of his issue with his home and family, though of course he doesn’t launch into the whole thing here. It’s very sweet to see her offering him support while still not trying to force the info out of him. Sort of like she’s showing that she doesn’t think he needs to be all alone for the holidays. That’s certainly a sort of straight to the point question from Lelouch and her immediately going back to that memory of his birthday is showing the shift in her affections. That’s a cute memory too with him being silly while drunk as well as probably giving her that look that seemed to ruffle her up a bit.

    And hey, she offered something other than pizza. I wouldn’t have thought of something spicy being good for that sort of thing actually, but I suppose that could make sense. Didn’t know Chinese was considered spicy either, but then I don’t have too much experience with it. And Lelouch now has a bit of hope going that he might have a shot, but good not to dwell on it too much right now. Soon enough he’ll be doing lots of pleasant things with her anyway 😉

    Thank you 🙂


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