Track Fifteen: Time to Dance (Sebastian Remix)

“It’s just you and me now, Liesl.” The man stooped down to scratch the puppy behind her ears. “So let’s get along until Mummy comes back, okay?”

She wagged her tail at him, and he smiled softly at her. It had been a week since she had come home from her training, and already she had proven herself to be a fast learner. Quite clever for a puppy, he decided. He had chosen well from the litter.

She followed on his heels as he walked to his office. Holding the door open for her, he lifted her up onto the small sofa before settling into his seat. Occasionally when taking a break, he would glance back, and always she would raise her head and look at him with bright eyes full of curiosity.

In his childhood he had never particularly bonded with any pets. His…father had had some hunting dogs – though he had never heard of him ever going hunting, so why he had hounds escaped him – and his mother had once had a cat, but he had never really liked either. Even the bird he’d been given at 8 for his birthday had been largely ignored by him. A canary, no matter how sweet its song was, was a considerably poor substitute for a father, and the fact that the man who had sired him had thought a stupid bird would be good enough to make up for that ruinous childhood he had had only made him resent him even more.

But Liesl was different in that she was given out of genuine love, and though it sounded a bit like a stretch, he did feel some paternal instinct for the baby. During his lunch break, he had gone as far as sitting on the floor to play with her and feed her one or two bits of salmon. She had seemed cheerful enough with the unfamiliar and foreign taste of fish and had licked his fingers afterwards, which he had thought was quite charming in its own way, never mind the fact that he got up to wash his hands thoroughly with soap afterwards.

Once he’d rinsed the dishes from lunch and refilled her water bowl, he thought about taking a walk with her but decided that he’d leave it for later. His wife would probably want to, and it would be nice to go out together. They had used to go out for walks a couple years back but had stopped after one particular incident when his knee had hurt so badly, he thought it a minor miracle he had made it back home the same night. It had been a nice tradition of theirs, and he’d gladly pick it up again even with the nuts and bolts holding his lower leg attached to his upper.

So Liesl contented herself with sitting in her master’s lap until she heard the front door opening. Leaping off, she squeezed her way through the tiny gap between door and doorway before slipping and sliding past the front door where Mummy was slipping off her boots.

“Hello, Liesl.” Her mother smiled warmly and immediately bent down to hug her. The puppy shivered as the cold clinging to her mother’s coat enveloped her. Her mother apologized before setting her back down. Shedding her coat, she petted the dog before reaching up to kiss her husband.

“How was she today?”
“Good. Missed you though.”
“I thought I had asked after the dog, not you,” she teased. Master and puppy shadowed the young woman as she moved towards the bedroom, whereupon seeing her unbutton, unzip, and unclasp essentially every thread on her body, the former picked up the latter and covered her eyes. Liesl barked before licking the large hand that had suddenly appeared before her. What was this? A new toy, perhaps?

“Do you think they’ll deliver pizza in this weather?”

Understandably, he didn’t say much as she loosened her hair from its bun. Glancing over her shoulder, she couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you standing there for? I can’t wash my back by myself.”
“Don’t worry. We won’t do anything Liesl can’t see.”

His disappointment must have been obvious because she laughed as she stopped up the tub.

“Where she can see anyway.”

Excitedly jumping around, Liesl hopped around the floor of the brightly lit bathroom before leaping into her master’s abandoned sweater. Snuggling in its warmth, she lay down to take a much-deserved nap, too tired to investigate even the funny, interesting sounds coming from the nearby bathtub. No matter how strange or peculiar those sounds may be, she was just too sleepy.

Better luck next time.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Malteses are a breed with quite a bit of intelligence if memory serves. My grandparent’s figured out how to climb out of her pen by using the holes as a something like a ladder. Definitely a good idea they got her trained early out the gate as is recommended since she’ll hopefully be a bit more manageable. It does sound strange his dad would have such dogs if he never went hunting, unless he had experience with such dogs from his childhood and got them due to that. I can’t think the bird was meant to do that, but it is sad he didn’t care for it and only saw it as that kind of symbol.

    It is quite adorable he refers to it as a baby which it sort of is for them. And how could you not want to play with her a little given how cute she likely is? In my experience dogs will eat damn near anything to the point they are like mini vacuums so no surprise she doesn’t mind the taste of fish. I’ve seen some that really dig an ice cream cone. Ah, the knee thing did come up before that time with Suzaku in the park. Can’t remember what the story was behind that exactly. Sports injury? But damn he actually had to have bolts in his leg to hold it together?

    A maltese does love laying in laps or just being near a person at all. I can only imagine how wiggly she was when mommy got home. Him covering her eyes was hilarious as was his disappoint when he thought nothing was going to happen. Like a dog wagging its tail when it expects a treat. But damn is the image of her snuggling in the sweater to take a nap one of the cutest things I can imagine.

    Thank you 🙂


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