Study Hall

“Have you noticed anything strange about C.C. lately?”

Lelouch looked up from the essay he’d been writing to see his best friend leaning towards him from across the table. All around them was the scratching of quills as students bent over their homework. Making sure the teacher was at the far end of the hall, he returned his attention to his paper as he quietly said that he had not.

“Really? Are you sure?”
“Why are you asking me of all people? How would I know?”
“Since you know her better than anyone else,” he answered matter-of-factly. Lelouch glanced up.
“And why is that?”
“Because you’re basically family.”

Sighing, he closed his book but continued to write. Without so much of a glance, he said, “What’s wrong with C.C.?”

“Nothing. It just sort of seemed like she’s seeing somebody, is all.”

Lelouch’s quill paused for a hair of a second, but Suzaku caught it anyway. He pursed his lips; maybe he shouldn’t have brought this up. The subject – and the direction it was going in – was ripe with potential for pissing Lelouch off. C.C. always seemed to do that to him, whether it was in person or when brought up in conversation. She always seemed to get under his skin, and they had a decidedly strange relationship. But it wasn’t really any of Suzaku’s business why Lelouch willingly stayed with her, was it?

But for once, his friend was very cool and level-headed about it all.

“Now what would put that idea in your head?”
“Euphie. She said she saw a note to C.C. that looked like some bloke was asking to meet her somewhere tonight.”

Lelouch groaned internally. How many times had he told her to burn all of his letters? Or at least hide them properly? Why couldn’t she be bothered to at make an effort? He couldn’t be expected to clean up after her. For the time being anyway; but what happened after Hogwarts was really no one’s business but his.

“Hey, it’s okay.” His friend patted him lightly on the hand sympathetically. “It’ll be okay. There are plenty of other girls out there. You’ll find somebody one day.”

This time the quill came to a full stop, and Lelouch’s head snapped up.

“Oh. Was I wrong? Sorry. I thought you liked C.C. in that way since you were always talking about her. Sorry. That was my bad.”

Lelouch scrutinized him as he tried to decide which approach to take, when he was suddenly thrown forward and felt a sharp stinging on the back of his head. He tried his best not to swear.

“This hour was not intended to facilitate gossip but the improvement of your grades. Back to work!”
“Yes, sir!” quickly said Suzaku. Lelouch on the other hand was too lost in though to really care, even if he’d been the one to take the fall for them both. Suzaku began to apologize, when he gathered up his things and stood up. His friend looked up at him.

“Where are you going?”
“I just remembered I was supposed to do something for herbology.”
“What? We have herbology homework? What was it?”
“I’ll tell you later. Professor.” He handed over the assignment he’d completed near the start of study hall before turning smartly on his heel. Briskly walking down the aisle, he hurried out with his robe billowing out behind him. Suzaku looked after his friend; there were very few reasons why Lelouch would hurry like that. And the fact that it had been caused by mention of C.C.’s boyfriend – or at least the possibility of – made Suzaku flush. Maybe it had been totally and completely wrong to ask Lelouch if he knew. If he had, he’d have said something by now; one of his favorite things to do was complain about C.C. He’d done it all summer long after all.

But before Suzaku could even follow after his friend, there was a sharp smack, and he ducked from the pain.

“Sorry!” he yelped. And it was back to work for him.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Suzaku is pretty daring to try and start a conversation during study time since I figure the teachers would be a tad strict about this sort of thing, but given the subject I suppose he felt it worth the risk. It is quite amusing that he doesn’t seem to pick up on the fact they are dating, but Lelouch doesn’t exactly give it away. Given Lelouch wanting to keep it a secret it’s no surprise he’d get very attentive to know what triggered this belief and of course it’s open evidence C.C. forgot to get rid of.

    It is hilarious that Suzaku can pick up that Lelouch likes C.C. but misinterprets things where it couldn’t be him seeing her and that his dismissal is trying to calm himself rather than cover it up. The reveal that Suzaku believed that was probably a surprise and I imagine Lelouch would want to readjust how he acted around him in regards to C.C. And of course he finished the assignment way earlier and was just biding his time. I wonder then if Lelouch is bored out of his mind or studies more advanced things to pass the extra time he undoubtedly has. It is sweet though that Suzaku is concerned that he’s upset his friend now even if he doesn’t realize what’s actually going on.

    Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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