Track Ten: wRoNg

Closing the door behind him, Lelouch set the bag of candy on the kitchen counter before returning to the darkness of the living room. Resuming his seat on the sofa, he reached for the remote, when a hand reached out from the depths of the blanket and lightly touched his wrist. He looked to his right.

“I think we should stop here.”
“Oh, but I thought you were enjoying it,” he teased. She flushed, wordlessly telling him that she remembered their earlier argument about how all horror movies were so cliché, they could never scare her. Smiling, he set the remote down.

“So then what would you propose we do for the rest of the evening?”
“I don’t know.” She yawned and raised her arms to stretch. His eyes ran over her see-through, lace top. “Sleep?”
“This early? There are still little kids trick-or-treating.”

She shrugged. “Then what do you want to do?”
“Oh, plenty of things I’m sure even you’d be interested in,” he said. Moving closer to her, he cleared the hair from her neck and stared intently at her. C.C. blinked; the light in his eyes had changed. They had narrowed during his trip to give away candy, and as he sat there with his arm around her, a coldness settled in. She shivered as he leaned in to tickle her ear.

“So why don’t you be a sweet little darling and take your clothes off so I can fuck you?”

She nodded slowly, somewhat mesmerized by the cruel sneer that appeared on his usually kind and loving lips, and lifted the hem of her shirt up over her head. Goosebumps dotting her arms, she unzipped her tight, tight jeans so that in a matter of seconds, she was sitting in nothing but her underwear. She closely watched him as he lifted up her shirt with a disgusted finger.

“And who’d you buy this shirt for, hmm?”
“For you,” she said quietly. He tilted her chin up.
“For you, what?”
“For you, sir.”
“And why would you buy a shirt like this, I wonder? What were you expecting to get by wearing something this slutty?”

She didn’t answer and just stared as he let it slip from his finger onto the ground. She swallowed as she heard the hard edge in his low voice.

“Tell me what it is that you wanted.”

She hesitated. “For sir to fuck me.”

“Is that really what you want?”

She nodded. He frowned.

“It must not be if you can’t even say it aloud.”
“Please fuck me, Master,” she whimpered.

He nodded. “Much better.”

Heat flushed in as his hand neared her and he leaned in to, not to kiss her as she had anticipated and wanted, but to reach behind her for the drawer of the small table next to the sofa. She watched as he took out a pair of leather handcuffs.


As she unclasped her bra, she stole a glance at him. He was looking at her wolfishly, his eyes trained on her every movement before settling on her taint. Reflexively she moved to cover herself up when he caught her wrists.

“Have you ever masturbated?”

She winced at his harsh tone and blushed at his frankness. Reluctantly she nodded ‘yes.’

“So then I don’t have to teach you since you already know what to do.”
“…Yes, sir.”
“Then why don’t you be so kind as to prove to me that you do?”

It had been some time since she had touched herself, but as she wet her fingers, the memory vaguely returned to her. Slowly she slid her fingers inside and squirmed at the feeling. Her hand reaching up to squeeze her breast, she began to move her wrist when she made the mistake of glancing up at him from where he sat at the far end of the sofa, his legs crossed and the handcuffs dangling loosely from his hand. He wasn’t even paying any attention to her but at his phone, and yet, as embarrassing as it was, she felt that if she stopped, he would immediately know and punish her for it.

She felt herself tighten at the thought.

Leaning against the arm of the sofa, she looked up at the ceiling of the living room before closing her eyes. Thank God they had turned all the lights off. Though the single source of light – a small lamp – was behind her on the small table and sharply contoured her soft curves, it was better than having bright lights make known what she was doing and made the task at hand a little more bearable. Not that she was really thinking about the embarrassment at this point; already she had moaned twice and once his name, and as her fingers continued to tease and pleasure her in place of his fingers, she found herself caring less and less about her shame and more about the tight, tight coil in the pit of her stomach that was tightening with every passing second until it very nearly sna-


Cheeks flushed, she stared with wide, wild eyes as he tightly grabbed her wrist. She noticed how his hair looked slightly tousled as if he’d been running a hand through it. So he had been looking. The sneaky devil.

“You haven’t earned it.”

She visibly wilted. He grazed her cheek with his hand before touching her chin.

“Would you like to earn it?”
“Yes, sir.”
“How would you like to earn it?”
“By sucking on Master’s hard cock.”
“Good girl,” he nodded. “Good girl.”

Tucking her hair behind her ear, she crawled towards him. He uncrossed his legs, revealing the bulge in his pants. Heart thumping, she unzipped his pants before pulling them and his boxers down. C.C. breathed in his musky scent; head whirling, she held his half-erect member as she let a line of warm saliva connect her lips with the tip. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his hand curl into a fist.

She licked her lips and then bent down. He tried to bite back a groan. He only succeeded in swearing.


Holding her hair with one hand and his base with the other, she swirled her tongue all around his length before sucking hard. Letting him feel the warmth and wetness of her mouth, she straightened up, proud to see his cock glistening at her in all its erect glory. She felt something wet her inner thigh.

“I don’t have to tell you to continue, do I?”
“No, sir.”

And she ran her soft tongue up against his hardness all the way to the tip. Sucking on the head, she watched his fist tighten before taking him in again. He wove a hand through her hair and tugged as he gave a grunt and she gave him head.

She began to play a game. She knew it was bad to mess around. Games weren’t something her master liked to play very often, but… Who said he had to know? So long as she was careful, it would be fine. So she began to see how tightly she could curl that fist and how hard she could make him tug. Carefully, she began to count and experiment until finally, her eyes were watering and a sense of pride bubbled up in her chest as she tasted the fruits of her labor.

“Swallow every single drop.”

Nodding, she swallowed his bitterness.


She obediently opened her mouth to show him that she had swallowed as asked.

“What do you say?”
“Thank you, Master.”

He ignored her and merely pointed at the cuffs that had fallen to the ground when he had held her head down just seconds earlier. “Ankles.”

Reaching over his lap, she secured them around her ankles. Even before she had pulled her hands away from the last of the two, he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down. Flipping her onto her stomach, she lay there as darkness suddenly took over and she was blindfolded. Her breaths grew shallow with excitement as she heard the jingle of a belt from somewhere behind and the heavy clunk of the loop hitting the ground.

He’d taken his pants off.

He gathered her hands behind her back as he straddled her. The hairs on her nape rising with a delicious shiver up her back, she tried not to giggle with embarrassed anticipation as he bent down and whispered in her ear: “I can’t even begin to tell you the filthy things I’ve been thinking about doing to you, but something tells me you already know without my having to tell you.”

She bit her lip as she felt him slip a finger inside and squeeze her ass.

“You’re so fucking wet. You liked blowing me, didn’t you? Since you’re nothing but a dirty little whore.”
“Master’s dirty little whore.”

He didn’t offer any reply other than slipping inside her. Even with just the tip, she moaned. But then he pulled out, leaving her craving for more, until he pushed inside again, this time a little deeper but still shallow enough to make her whimper. Squeezing her legs together, she tried to make him stay, but he slid out a second time and this time slid into the gap between her thighs to rub against her slit. She moaned; he laughed softly.

“If you want it, you’re going to have to beg me for it.”
“Please…” she whined. “Please, I need you. I want you,” she whispered. “Have your way with me, please. Use me and fuck me, I don’t care, I just need you in me. Please.

She shivered as she felt him whisper into her ear.

“I’m going to fuck that tight little cunt of yours until you come all over my cock.”

She squirmed underneath him. Yes, yes, yes. He chuckled as he kissed her shoulder. Frustrated, she shook her feet. She felt a gentle sting on her ass.

“I don’t fuck impatient little brats.”

She apologized so profusely, her other, ‘day’ self would have walked away in shame. But she wasn’t her other, ‘day’ self, so she didn’t. She only raised her ass as if to beg impatiently.

He must have tired of teasing her because he slid inside immediately. Her mouth fell open as she moaned. Squeezing her eyes close, she groaned as he swore again.

“Jesus fuck.”

She tightened around him, and he let out another guttural groan. It hadn’t been long since the last time, but it felt as if it was the first time all over again. No matter how long they’d been married for, he could never quite get over the warm, wet, velvety sensation of her cunt, and every first time he slid inside was as if he had forgotten the last. The only reason he hadn’t immediately come was because it had been a good five years since the time he had, and his wife had made sure he had improved since.

Clenching his jaw, he regathered his composure before thrusting. Digging his nails lightly into her ass, he forced her down as he settled into an ever-increasing rhythm. At one point, he released her hands and she held herself up on her elbows. Reaching for her breast, he pinched her nipple and swallowed her moans with a kiss, all the while keeping up that unrelenting pace. Tasting one another made him throb, and eventually she broke away. Panting, she tore off her blindfold and looked into his eyes with a hooded, lust-crazed gaze.

“Stay with me.” His jagged breathing grazing her neck, he whispered into her shoulder, “Stay with me, sweetheart. I’m almost there.”
“I can’t,” she stammered. “Lelouch, I–I can’t. I can’t, I–” She gasped. “I’m going to come!”
“Then come for me.” He kissed her neck as he pressed his weight down on her hips. “Come for me, Cera. Show me how good you feel, and come.”

As her orgasm made her shake and tremble, and her eyes roll and her toes curl, her screams and moans were interrupted by his own groaning as he felt the spring snap and came inside. Squeezing his eyes shut, he came hard. His wife shuddered with pleasure as she felt his hot seed fill her, oh God, that felt so damn good.

It was a while until he climbed off her, but when he did, he freed her ankles and kissed the rub marks. She smiled tiredly as he stood up to kiss her cheek.

“My beautiful, lovely wife,” he said softly. “I hope I was able to pleasure you as well as you did me.”

She blinked once slowly, and he kissed her again. Closing her eyes, she relished the taste that lingered on her lips and smiled as he brushed her cheek with his hand. They stayed stuck for some time, simply basking in the afterglow, when suddenly, the door bell rung.

Eyes snapping open, she stared at him as he looked over his shoulder to stare at the door where there was, in all likelihood, a costumed child ready to thieve them of their candy.

“… We’ll let the neighbor donate their sweets. I like what we have too much to give it away. Besides. We have other, more important things to do.”

She giggled as he gently squeezed her hand. Helping her sit up, he cleared her hair away from her face and wiped the drool from her chin before picking her up. Leaning her head on his shoulder, C.C. closed her eyes in embarrassment as she felt something drip from her quim.

“Oh, dear.”

She buried her face in the crook of his neck if only to avoid the look of surprise on his face.

“Well, we’d better get you to that bath right quick, hadn’t we?”
“Yes, please.”

And so, ignoring the ringing of the doorbell, they walked down the hall to their bathroom.

. . .

Sitting her in his lap, they waited for warm water to fill the tub by taking turns reading one another’s palms.

Tracing his heart line, she softly said, “This line here says that you’re supposed to have a long, happy, and successful marriage.”

“Does it now?”

She nodded. Looking up at him through her thick lashes, she blinked her pretty golden eyes before her gaze darted away.

“Well, now, this is a surprise, isn’t it?”
“What do you mean?”
“To think that palm-reading actually had some merit to it. I had thought all these years that it was nothing more than a scam to cheat people out of their money, but here I am, proven quite incorrect.”

She stared as he smiled kindly at her. “I am very much having a long, happy, and successful marriage. Though I was never one who thought that it took the art of divination to realize that.”

Her heart swelled as he held her close. Two fingers marching their way from her knee to her thigh, he studied her for some time.

“Are you happy?” he asked softly.

She closed her eyes as he pressed his lips on her forehead. “Good,” he whispered. Kissing her nose, he smiled at her before making her dizzy with a sweet, sultry kiss on the lips.


And all really was.


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  1. Sean says:

    I find it amusing that C.C. is clearly scared from whatever movie they are watching (anything in mind or just random horror film?) and that she was boasting before that there’s no way they could scare her. I imagine Lelouch then must be made of sterner stuff perhaps or maybe he can just stand it a bit better. I’ve always been curious about that phrase about the light of someone’s eyes changing. Can that happen in real life? I’ve heard it before so I figure there must be a source for it. I do like the implication that he saw an opportunity coming up and was getting prepared for it.

    It is sort of weird I must admit to see their personalities seem to change so much from what we usually know, though with C.C. at least we had some inkling of this side to her with some of the flashback chapters involving Alex. But she really does get very submissive. Lelouch I suppose is the real surprise given how mild mannered, polite and nice he is pretty much all the other times. Seeing the awkward guy from their first meeting in this light is certainly quite the sight. Some of that dirty talk was quite impressive.

    For some reason, the whole sequence of her masturbating while he acts like he’s not even paying attention, just to reveal he was struck me as amusing though I can’t quite say why. Her getting a bit indignant about it and sort of breaking character for a moment was funny as well. The day self stuff was interesting to me since I hadn’t been aware of that terminology for this sort of thing. It was also kind of sweet in a way when they both start breaking character right as they reach the end like Lelouch calling her sweetheart but I suppose by that point they don’t really care.

    And of course the interactions in the bath were very sweet. A bath like that certainly sounds nice after all that though I feel like they’d need a pretty decently sized bath for the two of them to lay comfortably.

    And, oh yes, that was very hot and steamy!

    Let’s kick up the music:

    Happy Halloween and thank you!


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