Track Four: Famous

60% was hardly anything, and yet, she stared at the light pattering on the bathroom window as she brushed her teeth. Shivering even with the warm steam from her shower lounging about, she frowned at the grey skies. How dare they ruin the picnic. She could scarcely bring herself to imagine her husband’s reaction. He’d be peeved, no doubt.

And yet, even as she said this, he was relatively calm for someone whose meticulously made plans had been foiled. Reaching around her, he bandaged his finger as she took note of his dress: a shirt – a normal, casual t-shirt, which was extremely rare for Mr. Prim-and-Proper – and sweatpants. Which meant that he wasn’t even going to try and wait out the rain.

She wondered if he was angry with her. She had been the one, after all, to push back their date to go to a function that they both knew she hated.

“How’s your head?”
“It’s alright.”
“You drank yourself quite silly yesterday, didn’t you?”

She glanced at his reflection as she plugged the hair dryer in. He didn’t sound too upset. Nor did he look annoyed with her. He was just standing there with that confusing look on his face that for all her years with him, she still couldn’t really figure out what it meant, which… Historically meant that he wasn’t particularly feeling anything negative. All the same, she went about with more caution than she usually would have the morning after a day of drinking. He had after all driven – something that he hated – all for her. Not to mention the picnic (though that honestly really couldn’t be faulted with her completely). It was just better to be safe than sorry.

“Have you finished packing?”

She stood with silent dryer in hand as he returned the bandages to its case. She was about to apologize to him – for some odd reason (maybe because he was leaving tomorrow), she felt such misery and shame for ruining their date – when he softly said, “Come to the living room when you’re done. There’s something I need to show you.”

When he kissed her cheek, she finally relaxed a little. There hadn’t really been any reason for her to be so paranoid about it all, but it was comforting nonetheless to know for sure that he wasn’t upset. Nodding, she watched him leave until he closed the door behind himself. Turning back to her reflection, she wondered what he wanted to show her but shrugged it off.

She sure as hell wouldn’t find out standing here in the bathroom with wet hair.

. . .

The curtains to the large glass windows were only partially drawn so that only a portion of the already feeble light came in. Shivering, she stood with wide eyes as he blew out the match.

“I thought it would be better to bring it inside instead of suffering through the rain.”

She nodded as he reached for her hand. Leading her to the rug, he sat her down and handed her his sweater.

“You really ought to put those shorts away. It’s starting to get colder.”
“I thought you liked these,” she said. Wiggling her toes, she slipped on his sweater – mmm, he must’ve run it through the dryer. Pleased by its warmth and familiar scent, she took the glass he held out for her.

“Although if you would prefer that I wear nothing, I suppose we could work something out.”

He smiled wryly as he settled down beside her on the rug. Taking a sip of the juice, he licked his lips.

“Maybe for dessert. For now, I’ll settle for some pasta.”

He had outdone himself. The finger sandwiches and pasta were so good, she was sad to see that they had eaten them all. Even the fruit was especially sweet today, as if he had picked out the best of them all, and it was all she could do not to gush. Gushing after all was not in her nature.

Eh, well. Gushing, as far as anyone other than her husband was concerned, was not usually a part of her nature.

“Thank you for lunch,” she said afterwards. She leaned against him as the empty coffee cup sat by the feet of her drawn legs. “And I’m sorry.”

“What for?”
“For nearly ruining it all,” she whispered.

He didn’t say anything for a long while.

“This…was as much for you as much as it was for me,” he finally said quietly. “And it’s alright. All’s well that ends well.”

“You really like saying that, don’t you?”
“Only because it’s true.”

She smiled as he rested his cheek on her head. Drowsy, she leaned against him as he slowly ran a hand through her hair. Everything was perfect. The way their legs were tangled together, his hand in her hair, the occasional flickering of the candles. Even the cold, dreary weather outside that had vexed her only hours earlier only made her happier as they hid together in the cozy little home they had made together. As her husband had pointed out, there were benefits to staying indoors, like not having to deal with traffic or dressing up. It was so perfect, it was almost enough to forget what tomorrow would bring.

“You’re not going to extend it by any chance, are you?”
“Of course not. That time was because of the company, not me. If I had had my way, I’d have been home significantly sooner.”
“You were nearly gone for a month.”
“I counted the days as much as you did.” Tilting her chin up to look at him, he leaned in close. “I promise you won’t have to this time.”
“I still will,” she muttered. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Then how can I give you peace of mind?”

She didn’t tell him not to go even if she wanted to. He had asked out of sincere concern, and if he was really that worried and willing, she might as well answer with equal, if not greater, gravity, if only to help him help her.

“Would you kiss me?”

She felt herself blush at the hidden meaning of the simple request. She wasn’t quite sure if he would pick up on it, but even if he didn’t, she didn’t really mind. She wouldn’t complain. She liked when he kissed her. Every one was as if it was the first; since that afternoon in the library so many years ago, every one that had followed had made her heart skip and her feet stick to the ground, had made her knees weak and stolen her breath away, from the lightest peck to un baiser sensuel, and it was just absolutely wonderful. Even if he misunderstood, she would have no complaints.

But he must have had the same thoughts as her because for once, he didn’t just kiss her. Curling his body toward her, he took hold of her waist after slipping under the hem of his sweater and kissed her full on the mouth. A hand rose to cradle her head as the other slid up, up, up until she was squirming and wet.

Moaning into his mouth, she desperately reached for him. Rubbing her palm against him, she felt him through the fabric of his pants. Breathing hard, she leaned against him as he sighed her name.

Leaning forward, he gently pushed her down, and, ignoring the clatter of upset cups, tugged her shorts down. Kicking them away, she arched her back as she felt him kiss a trail down her stomach to her navel, but it wasn’t until he had slid a finger inside that she opened her eyes and let out the first of her muffled cries.

Pulling him up by his collar, she pulled his shirt off, only to gasp as he added another digit. Toes curling, she let slip a whine as he stretched his fingers wide.

“So you like that, hmm?”

Blushing furiously, she tried to cover her face. He laughed quietly before cooing at her. “You’re really so adorable, do you know that?”

She said nothing in reply, but when he suddenly slid out without any explanation, she peeked out from behind her hands to see him stepping out of his pants. He smiled at her before briefly disappearing as he lifted his sweater from her shoulders.

“Much better.”

Tucking her hair behind her ear, she sat up and, wetting her palm, reached for him. Slowly pumping her hand up and down, she looked at him with eyes as wild as his own until the first of his groans. Pleased with herself, she smiled as he glanced at her with hooded eyes and flushed cheeks but said nothing as he clenched his jaw. She knew he hated her teasing, but she also knew he only hated it because it felt so good, and because it was in her nature to tease and torment, she refused to relent until he began to tease and torment out of retaliation.

Gasping, she felt her chest tighten and the coil in her stomach tighten as he shoved his fingers inside. Throwing her arm around his shoulders, she leaned against him and closed her eyes. Almost immediately, as if in appeasement, her hand quit with the nonsense and picked up its pace, much to his delight. She could tell because his breath was becoming increasingly rough and uneven against her neck. But this only encouraged her as she raced against herself in finishing him off before he did her – a race in which she found herself losing ground rather quickly.

Breaking away from the dizzying kiss, she breathily whispered into his ear his name as she squeezed down on his fingers. Fighting back her moans, she dug her nails into his skin as she told him how close she was, how close he was- Oh God!

She cried out and tensed as she shook in his arms. Breaths labored, she fell as her knees weakened and gave way. Chuckling to himself, her husband cleared her pretty, exhausted face of the hair sticking to her temple.

“There’s an expression I could never tire of,” he said softly.
“Don’t say that,” she mumbled. Embarrassed, she averted her eyes. “It’s not funny.”
“Who said I was joking?”

But her sincerity only furthered her embarrassment, and it was all she could do not to cover herself up and hide. He must have realized because he touched her cheek and said to her in the most serious voice she’d ever heard: “I thought it was beautiful.”

Afraid that actual steam would come off her face if she blushed any more, C.C. nudged him back until he was leaning against the sofa. Straddling him, she closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of his hands running up her sides before settling on her hips to help her sink down on him.

Whimpering at his girth, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Vaguely she heard him moan for God as she tightened around him, but she was honestly far too busy with the euphoria rippling through her to pay much attention.

Oh, God.

. . .

C.C. stood in the foyer with her hands on her hips as she appraised the mess they had made the night before. There were upturned cups and plates, clothes strewn about, and…

Was that… Was that c…?

Well, to be fair, things had gotten pretty out of hand the night before.

All the same. She had to get that carpet cleaned immediately. No matter how much she may love or miss her husband (even if she had literally just come back from the airport), she had her boundaries.

That carpet was going to get cleaned no matter what, and soon. She would make sure of that.


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  1. Sean says:

    No, C.C. 60% is fairly good and you were trying to have a nice picnic so of course it was actually going to rain. I imagine that Lelouch pretty much figured this and thus thought to take steps to make due with the situation. And there’s always time for a picnic outside some other date. I can imagine he was indeed peeved but calmed down soon enough. It is funny she actually hates that function but I suppose she was throwing a bone to Suzaku who actually went to ask her, which does show a care for her students. Also nice to see that his efforts to help her avoid a hangover seem to have done well.

    I am curious why he hates driving quite so much. It can be irritating but it’s never seemed that bad to me. I do really like that he just rolled with the whole situation and improvised like he did as it’s ultimately very sweet. What kind of shorts are they that he likes them so much? Pasta for a picnic is a little bit odd, but does sound yummy. The whole thing has a relaxing feel to it of them just enjoying time together.

    What company is this? I guess someone in his business must have one though I’m wondering now the exact nature of this trip. I don’t really have much to say regarding most of the rest aside from it being both very sweet and rather sexy as they really start getting to it. It is nice to see him paying so much attention to her reactions to see that she’s enjoying herself. I admit her shyness is incredibly adorable to see as well even if I suppose it’s a bit weird to see her embarrassment like that. For all her talk of teasing him she seems much more susceptible to it. But man, the literary fade to black as the good stuff started happening… Lelouch certainly sounds well equipped which is probably a bizarre observation.

    I think we need a soundtrack:

    It does sound like they got pretty intense and crazy from the sound of things, especially with just leaving all the plates and clothes just lying there. I suppose they had more important things to worry about. But hey, at least she now has something to keep her occupied. Maybe they should have gone crazier in more parts of that house to leave more messes to be cleaned up. Against the walls. Kitchen counter. Closet. Whole shebang. I’m putting too much thought into this.

    Thank you 🙂


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