Just some extra little facts for pure enjoyment:

  • C.C. and Lelouch enjoy very, very light BDSM from time to time, which is what C.C. had whispered to Lelouch in Track Three
  • Lelouch does most of the cooking at home
  • Once a week Lelouch will wander his way to the university campus so that he and C.C. can have lunch together
  • Lelouch hates driving, especially in the city, but there’ll be times when he’ll take the car – as in the case when his wife is a little drunk and can’t drive herself (not that that happens often)
  • C.C. and Lelouch decided that having a courthouse wedding would best suit them as neither of them really had anyone they wanted to invite
  • In exchange, they did get to have a very, very pleasant honeymoon at Nice, where they stayed at l’Hôtel Negresco
  • Sometimes, they’ll clear the living room and dance because it’s just fun and it’s nice to dance together
  • Lelouch has to wear glasses when reading, using the computer, driving, and carrying C.C.
  • C.C. very much enjoys a nice cup of tea – a habit she picked up from her husband
  • She also really hates any social functions her school may hold and does her best to avoid them
  • She has a reputation of being a very stringent but very qualified, excellent teacher
  • Lelouch came from Cambridge before studying for his Master’s at C.C.’s school
  • He was studying law when he met C.C.
  • Lelouch will send her flowers, which is why Suzaku walked into a garden when he went to visit C.C. during her office hours
  • C.C. doesn’t wear her wedding ring when she goes to work because it’s so flashy
  • On the other hand, Lelouch never takes his off
  • C.C.’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so they’ll rotate celebrating her birthday and Valentine’s Day
  • Although Lelouch hates singing, sometimes when he’s drunk, he’ll sing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” to C.C. just to tease her about their age difference
  • Afterwards, he’ll sing “Edelweiss” in apology; C.C. can never stay mad at him for long. She really does like it when he sings
  • Lelouch has 3 aprons, all thanks to C.C., who was gracious enough to give him one with “Mr. Good Looking is Cooking,” “Hot Stuff Coming Through,” and “May I Suggest the Sausage?”
  • He’s never worn the third one
  • They don’t really drink all that often, but C.C. is quite good at making virgin cocktails, so they’ll have one while making/waiting for dinner
  • C.C.’s favorite movie is The Sound of Music, just because she likes the relationship between Maria and the von Trapp children
  • C.C. is currently 29, Lelouch 33
  • On the weekends, C.C. and Lelouch will usually stay in bed for some time until one of the two gets too hungry to stay any longer, and then at that point, they play games to see who’ll go make breakfast
  • By the time they decide, it’s already lunchtime, and by that point, they just make lunch together
  • While there are times when they disagree on things and when they get annoyed with one another, they don’t really argue with one another because neither could bear to fight with the other
  • C.C. will put a bow in her hair from time to time because she knows Lelouch likes how it looks

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