She slipped into the quiet room. The only sounds to be heard were the soft snoring of the five boys and the whisper of her emerald robe. Walking towards the bed at the very far end, she slipped off her fingerless gloves so as to better pull the curtain aside and take hold of the shoulder that lay beyond.

“You wanted me to wake you before I left,” she whispered. She stepped back as he clawed the heavy green curtain aside to perch on the edge of his bed. Rubbing his face tiredly, he nodded as he mumbled into his hand: “I did.”

She watched as he pulled a shirt on and smoothed his hair. The dark circles under his eyes hadn’t escaped her notice, and a flicker of guilt passed through her; he must have fallen asleep just a few hours before after tiring of pacing and fretting. She had tried her best to comfort and reassure him the evening before, but because she had had to go to bed early, she hadn’t really been able to make sure that he wouldn’t do what he’d done.

She slipped her glove back on.

“I have to go soon. I have to get down there before everyone else does. I just wanted to bring this to you.”

He took the steaming cup of tea from her but set it aside for later. It was sweet of her to bring him tea – more so when she had prepared it the way he liked – but the tea was not the issue at hand. The tea was just a distraction, as sweet a distraction as it may be.

“What’s the weather like?”
“Light rain.”

He groaned. Light rain meant that there would be a storm to follow, and if he knew anything about Slytherin v. Gryffindor matches… They’d all be out in the brunt of it. There was no doubt; with the stubborn competitive streaks in both teams’ captains, there was no way they wouldn’t be caught out in the storm. Which only meant that all 14 players would be flying about against the wrath of Mother Nature, Impervius Charm be damned.

“It’s not so bad,” she said softly with a sympathetic smile. “It could be worse.”
“That’s my problem; it can, and most likely will. C.C., the Whomping Willow nearly got you the last time you played in the rain.”
“Oh, the Whomping Willow nearly gets everyone. You need to quit bringing that up.”

She meant to add in a joke about recruiting the enchanted tree as a Beater, when she noticed how pale his face was. Though she felt bad for making him worry so badly – but to be quite frank, it wasn’t completely her fault; he did worry so much more than the ordinary person – she couldn’t help but let a shy, self-conscious giggle slip out. Did he really care that much for her to stress over even a light sprinkling of rain?

“You really shouldn’t worry so much, Lelouch. All your hair will turn white if you don’t, and I don’t quite remember agreeing to date an old man.”

When the wrinkle between his brows didn’t let up, she switched tactics.

“It’ll be fine. I promise. Suzaku wants to win, but he’s also nice. He’d never allow any harm to befall anyone – even the people on the other team. You know as well as I do how he’d take a bludger for anyone.”
“I neither want him to act as your human shield, nor for you to be in a situation where you need one.”
“That’s not what I was saying. You know what I meant.”

He pursed his lips. He did, he just didn’t want to admit that she was right. More than anything, he hated Quidditch simply because the way she played was so incredibly reckless; he could hardly bring himself to bear witness to the casual manner in which she nearly threw her life away. That time when she had made that completely vertical dive had just been the absolute worst. He still had nightmares about it, and it’d been a full year since that horrible, horrible afternoon.

“…At least promise me that you’ll be considerate towards your health.”
“I…” She trailed off. She wanted to promise him, but she also didn’t want to promise something she knew she wouldn’t keep. It was the first match of the year, and the last first game he’d be there for. As childish as it sounded, she wanted him to be proud. She still thought of last year when they had won the Quidditch Cup; the entire house had been celebrating her first true victory as Captain – there had been so many who had been dubious of her ability to lead; she might have had skill as a Chaser, but being able to throw a ball into a hoop and leading a team to victory against Gryffindor (especially Gryffindor captained by Suzaku Kururugi whose own mother had been none other than the Seeker for the Toyohashi Tengu) were two completely different matters at hand, as everyone had so loved to remind her – when deep into the celebration, he’d taken her aside into a private room to hold her tight. He hadn’t said anything but she understood anyway how he felt as they stood together in the near dark of the room, and just knowing how thrilled she had made him had been one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Of course, there were plenty of other things she was good at; she just felt that this was unique to her and so wanted him to feel that way again at least one more time before he left. And yet, even as she thought this…

“Please, C.C.” He took hold of her hand. “I’m asking you as your boyfriend to please look after yourself today.”

…He did look quite sick to the stomach, didn’t he? And it would defeat the entire purpose of winning the Cup if she drove him mad in the process, wouldn’t it?

“…I’ll try,” she said reluctantly. “I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try. But you have to promise me that you’ll stop worrying.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in. “I love you, C.C.”

“I love you too,” she said softly. “Now are you going to wish me luck or not? I’m already late.”
“The best of luck to you,” he said softly. Reaching for her, he gave her a peck on the cheek. C.C. closed her eyes briefly as she felt a warmth spread through her that even the dreary weather outside couldn’t touch. She fondly patted his head.

“I’ll blow you a kiss if I see you.”
“Please don’t,” he muttered. “Just focus on the bludgers and dodging them. You’ve already broken your arm once. I’d rather not relive that ordeal.”
“If you say so.”

And yet, Lelouch still found himself in the hospital wing later that day, feeling very much peeved. For once he’d just like to enjoy a game of Quidditch without having to worry over whether his girlfriend would be in one piece by the end. Was that really so much to ask for?

Apparently so.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    It’s sweet of Lelouch to be so worried about her, but he certainly does seem to do it perhaps a bit too much if it’s too the point he’s losing sleep. Granted, from the sound of things he does have reason to be as worried as he is. Also nice that for all her teasing, she is trying to ease his mind as best she can. Playing quidditch in the rain indeed does seem like bad conditions if my memories of such things are correct. Seeing your girlfriend almost get killed by a tree can’t help matters either.

    She at least seems to recognize when to ease the jokes up and try to more seriously reassure him. It does sound like she is a bit too reckless with her maneuvers. It is very sweet that she wants to win this game in part to make him proud. I like the detail with Suzaku’s family background. I also liked the quiet memory of him just holding her after the win as it’s just nice to see quiet moments like that with no speaking.

    I imagine they both can only do as much as they despite the promises. Still adorable to see the way she reacts to him giving her the kiss. From the end, if he’s only peeved then I suppose she must not be too badly off to the point he only feels annoyed by the whole situation.

    Thank you 🙂


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