Forgiving Family

“Anything sweet for you, my dear?”
“Yes, I’d like some chocolate please, as well as a box of glacial snow flakes.”

Nunnally glanced up at the mention of glacial snow flakes. Her elder brother hated glacial snow flakes. He claimed that he didn’t like the way they melted in your mouth, and that their flavoring was completely off-putting. What was he doing buying them from the trolley witch?

“Do you want anything, Nunnally?”

She looked up to see her brother waiting with his usual, gentle smile. She shook her head.

“I had too much at brunch.”
“Are you sure?”

She nodded, and he was about to hand over a few gleaming Sickles from his pocket, when a hand suddenly slammed against the window, making both the wizened lady and the young man jump three feet in the air. Nunnally watched with wide eyes before smiling when she realized who the hand belonged to.

“Hello, C.C.”
“Hi, Nunnally. Oh, are those for me?” She took the box of snow flakes from the trolley lady’s hand, opened it, before popping one into her mouth without so much as waiting for a reply. Nunnally watched as her brother scowled.

“Mmmm, delicious. I just love the way it melts.”
“Where’s Euphemia?” Lelouch brushed past her after sliding the door shut. Taking a seat across from his youngest sister, he crossly crossed his arms. “Isn’t the meeting over?”
“How am I supposed to know? Do you see a prefect badge on my uniform? She’s probably bandaging Suzaku’s hand again. God knows how much Arthur loves to make him his chew toy.”

Sensing the tension crackling between them – even though Nunnally knew of how C.C. and her older brother had known one another since they were infants, she couldn’t help but wonder why the two spent so much time with one another with all their arguing. Suzaku and her brother got along wonderfully in spite of their houses’ rivalry, and Euphie and Suzaku always had pleasant conversations once they got past the blushing and stammering, but whenever C.C. and her brother came within five feet of one another, they were always poking at one another and quarreling and creating general chaos for one another’s lives. It was one of the wizarding world’s greatest mysteries that they did everything together. – Nunnally hurriedly said, “I have my O.W.L. exams this year, C.C., so I was wondering if it’s not too much trouble, could you help me study for them?”

“Why not have your brother help you? He was so incredibly proud of his Outstanding’s on all his exams.”
“He has his N.E.W.T. exams. I don’t want to disturb his own studies.” Nunnally didn’t mention how she also secretly thought that her older brother could be so incredibly overbearing and oppressive sometimes and that if he were to get any more involved in her life, she would really have a hard time staying in Hufflepuff.

“Of course I will,” she replied cheerfully. “So long as your brother is willing to provide compensation of sorts.”

He scoffed but said nothing to her and merely continued to grumble to himself as he glared out the window of the train. Quietly humming to herself, C.C. finished off the box of candy before throwing it into the lap of the boy seated next to her.

“You know what I’ve realized over the summer, Nunnally?”
“What have you realized?”
“I’ve realized that you’re growing up. And I know you have your older brother and sister, but I would hardly count on them; Euphie’s much too busy with trying to get Suzaku to ask her to go on a date, and your brother…” They glanced at him. “is your brother. I’d be more than happy to help you with matters other than the O.W.L.’s.”
“Oh, yes, that would be lovely.”

C.C. smiled, and Nunnally was pleased to see her brother stop his bristling. He must have realized how silly he was being and remembered how C.C. was one of their oldest and closest friends. She personally felt as if the older girl was her sister, and she knew how she and her sister were the best of friends, seeing as how they were the same age; her brother must feel the same too. Even if that feeling was mutated and sprinkled with a bit of irritation – he was quite easily bothered by her, wasn’t he? – the feeling had to be there. There was no way it wasn’t; they’d all grown up together. They were practically family, and you could always forgive family.

Though, of course, Nunnally had no idea that her brother would take it so far as to purposefully isolate himself with C.C. later on in order to snog her. But that’s what he did: he stepped down from the warmth of the carriage that would take them to the school and into the pouring rain because C.C. had something-or-other of his and he needed it before they got to school, so go on ahead without him, he’d see them later at the Sorting Ceremony. Nunnally had thought it quite strange – why hadn’t he just asked for it during the train ride? – but didn’t think much of it until a week later when she was at Hogsmeade with her friends and saw just outside the Hog’s Head her older brother kissing none other than the very girl he’d been grumbling about during the whole train ride to school.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    It took me a split second to realize the setting and then it became a hell of a nostalgia trip as I struggled to recall terms and such like the name for money (I only remembered galleons). It’s funny to be able to figure out exactly why he bought a treat he doesn’t like immediately while his sister cannot. Though I suppose C.C. ruined the intent a bit since he wasn’t able to gift them to her himself. And the whole thing with the cat makes me think that’s Suzaku’s special pet which is hilarious to me for some reason. Makes me wonder if they all have pets of some kind then.

    It’s kind of adorable how dense Nunnally seems to be but then they seem to have done a decent job not being too overt about it I guess. And seeing them always like this probably means she’s never seen a reason to think this behavior is anything but normal and not seeing the underlying sexual tension. I do love that Suzaku and Euphemia are pretty much the opposite being a bit more open about their relationship but seeming far too embarrassed to actually do anything with it beyond some baby steps. It also seems that everyone is fairly advanced in their time at school aside from Nunnally, which I actually rather like for some reason.

    It’s funny and kind of depressing that Nunnally is trying to get out from under Lelouch’s thumb so to speak in not having him help her, but it’s not surprising with him. One would hope he’d eventually ease up a bit, but perhaps C.C. can help with that. I do sort of wonder what sort of compensation she has in mind or if it’s just something monetary. It is very sweet that C.C. is going to help her out in the end and be someone she can rely on if she isn’t already. Nunnally seems so close to realizing the truth though at the end there.

    I was never fond of the term “snog” for kissing in the series. Not a very pleasant word I feel, though otherwise him using an excuse to go make out with her on the train is very amusing. Looks like they blow their cover soon enough though it must have been quite a shock for Nunnally before it all clicked into place and made sense.

    Thank you 🙂


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