Les Retrouvailles

Shirley was glad for the dark of the evening as she curtsied. Stepping aside to let him pass through the side gate, she quietly followed behind him, the light of the candle bobbing up and down with every step. Just before they reached the ajar door of the estate, she reached out to touch his arm.

“Shoes,” she whispered. Nodding, he slipped out of them and, holding them in hand, gestured for her to take the lead. Slipping inside the kitchen, she led him through this room and that before reaching the stairway. Picking up the skirt of her dress, she hurried towards the second floor. From behind she could sense his impatience, so she tried her best to deliver him as fast as possible without alerting the matrons of the sacrilege she was assisting in.

She stopped at the third door on the right. Quietly knocking on the door, she stood, waiting, as the nighttime visitor removed his hat and ran a hand through his hair. Shirley couldn’t help but smile as he fussed with his appearance. He seemed nervous, all of a sudden, which was just so adorable. But of course; he hadn’t seen her in months. He must have been driven absolutely mad by their separation and so had dreamt of their reunion for the past weeks. Of course he wanted to look his best for when they were together again.

The door swung open, and he stood frozen for some time as he greedily took in the sight of his wife. As if he were unable to believe that she was finally before him, he stood for some time until a hand reached out to touch his face. At her touch, he seemed to melt, and, without even waiting for the privacy of her room, bent down to kiss her full on her lips.

Embarrassed by the scandal of such lack of inhibition, the young woman quickly curtsied before excusing herself. Pattering down the hall, she flew down the stairs and out of the grand mansion to return to her own bed in the servants’ quarters. It wasn’t until she had changed back into her nightgown and buried herself deep into her blanket that she finally let out the shy giggle she’d been holding ever since he had kissed his wife. Though a part of her heart ached, she couldn’t help but admit that their Royal Highnesses were absolutely the most delightful and endearing couple their people had ever had the privilege of knowing and that she as well as the rest of all she knew wished them only the best for their beautiful, lovely marriage.

.     .    .

A/N: There was supposed to be a part before this, but I had writer’s block for that one so…


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