Pie Ten: Addiction

He watched the snow fall, flake by flake, as his breath steadily curled up into fading tendrils. Shivering in the cold, he grit his teeth and dug his nails into his palms to stop both chattering and groaning but neither were enough to stop him from gasping out. His eyes fluttering, Lelouch gently tugged on her soft hair. Careful so none of his ash scalded her, he tapped the end of his cigarette before sucking on the end. Blowing out a cloud of smoke, he shivered as she stood up while wiping her mouth. He snubbed out the cigarette as she fussed with her bangs.

“You’d better be grateful I decided to be nice and let your cheating slide.”

“Just because you lose, it doesn’t mean the other person cheated.”

She let out a sarcastic huff before screwing up her eyes to peer up at him. “No, but we both know how much you wanted that, what with being a prepubescent child.”

“Would a prepubescent child earn $2000 in a single week?”

“I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you earned that money. Earning implies a sense of virtue, of perseverance.  All you do is profit off of addiction.”

“It’s either that or racking up lifelong debt, and quite frankly, I could do without the latter.” 

Buckling his belt, the young man rolled his sleeves down to hide the black ink on his wrist. Smirking at her, he slid his hands into his pockets as he leaned forward, all the better to show off the difference in their heights.

“Besides. Isn’t that why you started dating me? For the weed.”

She snorted. “No addiction in the world would be strong enough to make me date you.”

“Then why are you?”

He was taken aback by the sudden silence. Though she didn’t avert her eyes – she was never really one to – the light changed and as he looked down at her, he couldn’t help but feel a flicker of…of happiness? What? Weren’t they just screwing around? Of course, they had never actually sat down and defined what they were, but it couldn’t have actually been anything emotional. Though, you know, he conveniently forgot about the annoyance he’d feel whenever he saw her with some other guy, or the way he could never stay mad with her, or how she’d always make him laugh even when he thought of all that weighed heavily on him as the head of the household, he had just thought that they were… Well… Anything but that which merited actual, legitimate affection.

…But as he stood there, he began to think about how he’d started to pay more attention in his classes, and the way he’d stop resorting to such extreme tactics when things didn’t go the way he wanted during one of his “business deals.” And what about when he’d lay there at night and think about what would happen after college, and what they would do and where they’d go? It had always been about them, and not just the singular, as if he’d just assumed that they’d last that long.

“I’m really going to have to cut back,” she muttered to herself. She hadn’t really meant to box herself in like that, but surprisingly, she hadn’t had her guard up so she hadn’t been thinking of what possible thing to say to best embarrass him – which ultimately led to her making a fool of herself, instead of the other way around as she usually wanted. In fact… She didn’t usually have her guard up with him – a peculiar phenomenon, considering all that happened before this moment in her life where she stood behind the store she hated working at because this…guy, whatever he was to her, had shown up with some lunch and a smug reminder of the bet she had lost.

Frowning in dismay (it wasn’t like her to make a mistake like that) she reached to fix her scarf, when he suddenly bent down to kiss her in the sort of way she’d only let herself imagine he’d do when she had very nearly been lulled to sleep by his warmth and steady heartbeat. They had kissed before, obviously, but it hadn’t ever been anything like now as he held her close and wove their fingers together.

This guy, huh?



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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Not going to lie, smoking a cigarette outside while it’s snowing and getting a blowjob doesn’t strike me as the brightest of things to do on a number of levels. I suppose it does sort of drive home how they were delinquents back at this time, especially in Lelouch’s case as the chapter goes on. I confess I’m not sure exactly what they’re talking about with losing and cheating. I can only imagine they had some sort of wager that Lelouch won. And her giving him a blowjob is the prize?

    Jeez, that’s a little under what I make in a month. I guess it is profitable though C.C. is completely right about him profiting off of addiction. I suppose you could say the same of casinos and what not too of course. At least it’s just weed which while illegal isn’t as abhorrent as if he was selling heroine or cocaine.

    It’s funny how this seems to be a point where their relationship isn’t exactly set in stone from the sounds of things but still relatively early. They really are just tiptoeing around it very hard since everything Lelouch describes sounds like genuine affection or at least the roots where such a thing can grow. It is quite interesting just the ways that he mentions he’s changed such as in school or how he acts when there’s no mention of her really doing anything concrete to cause that. Just being with one another has slowly changed them.

    Cut back? I don’t really know what she’s referring to here. This part does give more context to location and what’s going on with the setting such as this being her place of work, though doing this sort of thing behind it seems ill advised. That kiss is very romantic though with how sudden it is as well as the finger weaving.

    Thank you 🙂


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