For the remainder of the week, C.C. acted as if nothing was wrong. Her treatment of him never changed; she was neither harsher nor friendlier to him than she had been before. At times, he wondered if he had merely dreamt up that morning out of the delirium he suffered from whenever he drank, but then he would remember the sick feeling in his stomach and knew that no matter how much he hoped, she had been exceptionally angry with him.

He tried to reason with himself: maybe it was just that she was afraid. Suzaku hadn’t really known what was going on with Lelouch vi Britannia even with the odd hint or two from his family at the wedding, but when he had checked into his room at the Dukes Mayfair and turned the TV on for the sake of feeling a little less lonely, he paused during his unpacking when he heard a familiar voice speak.

“This nation has flourished over the course of the past several centuries not by turning against a cult within its society but to solidarity. However, as times change and society with it, it is easy to forget that the Anglo-fraternity that has once held this nation together has now expanded to its current multicultural state. Since the turn of the century, we have entered into an era of globalization and international cooperation. By agreeing to ally ourselves with those beyond our borders, we have also provided a covenant to our intercontinental brethren to shoulder the duty of tolerance and to turn our backs on bigotry and prejudice; a covenant which we promised to exercise within the borders of this nation as well.”

Suzaku could just barely make it out, but he could still spy the telltale glimmer of the wedding ring on his finger as he gripped the podium and bared his neck for the sake of the woman whom he loved more than anything or anyone else in the world. He sat quietly on the bed as he listened with an intensity he hadn’t expected from himself. Why would the question of the Duke’s loyalty matter to him, a foreigner?

He watched as the clip was cut short before a picture of C.C. was plastered all over the screen. It had been taken when she had attended a runway just two weeks ago. He could see himself seated beside her with his head down as he busied himself with marking down every word that she muttered, and he listened as they spoke nettled words of her character and who she was without having ever spoken to her.

Suzaku tried his best to be patient. Generally speaking, he hated the rush of blood he felt whenever he was angry, and so there were very few times in his adult life when he let his irritation get the better of him. But as he sat there and listened to the propaganda, to the cleverly disguised slander, he couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat pick up and his ears turn bright red as he glared at this country of cowards and fools and all that they had to say about two people whom they knew nothing about, save that their vulnerability would make the perfect outlet for their hysteria and panic and allow for the common man to scream and shake his fist as much as he wanted without ever having to look beyond their headlines for who to blame.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    Yeah, that sounds like her to act like that I think, which must be all the more baffling since Suzaku has no idea what’s going on or why she thinks he talked with the press. I suppose she might also just have more pressing issues to deal with then waste time being angry with him. I imagine he hasn’t really had time to really follow the news of this country at all with all that was going on, so it makes sense that upon actually turning the TV on he starts getting the full picture.

    That said, I’m not entirely sure what the issue is myself. From his speech it sounds like they’re dealing with something similar to the whole Brexit thing with Lelouch being on the Remain side calling for people not to give into bigotry and all that. Is there some huge controversy that he married C.C. who is a foreigner? Or is that merely one part of it all and the latest thing to stoke the fire? Utterly ridiculous if they’re making some huge deal out of C.C. being married to him and slandering her. I don’t see the point, but unfortunately it’s very realistic for such a thing to actually occur.

    They’ve become scapegoats and symbols for people to point at it seems. No wonder Suzaku is getting to angry given the loyalty he has to C.C. and I think in some ways to Lelouch as well even if they haven’t known one another for quite that long. This is the kind of thing that irritates the hell out of me as well so I do hope they all pull through.

    Thank you 🙂


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