Le Conseil

She lay in bed and quietly listened to the birds chirping outside her window. It was dark in the airy bedroom, save for the single shaft of light drifting in past the partially drawn curtains, but she didn’t bother getting up to further illuminate the room. There wasn’t much to look at anyway; there was a bed, which she was lying on now, a small dresser and a chair. Somewhere on the bare floor were her suitcases. They had yet to be unpacked; because only those of the fairer sex were allowed on the sacred grounds of the Juno Estate, the serving staff had been somewhat winded by all that had had to be transported into the manor, and, because she had no particular need for anything in the various boxes, the Princess had released them from their binds to rest.

Opening her eyes, she felt her fingers rub against the uneven grooves of her husband’s letter. He had sounded anxious in his reply, though he had obviously tried his best not to let it show too much, lest he burden her. But she knew how often he had been thinking of the weight that had been placed on her shoulders as Alexei Aleksandrovich had been kind enough to trespass his friend’s confidence and be as liberal as she had requested of him. Instead, her husband had merely spoken of the freezing weather, a mishap or two that had made her giggle, before ending the stream of anecdotes and neatly organized coquetry with a beautiful poem that had made her flush because it had just been so…oddly wonderful in spite of its extravagance.

Her hand slowly drifted through the air before gently landing on her stomach. She was just beginning to show, and now that she would be in the loose dress of the Juno Estate, her vulnerability would only become more obvious. If the Court hadn’t been notified by her relocation to the Juno Estate, then her appearance would soon enough. She only wished he was here with her. Then maybe the nausea and aching, the pressure and tension wouldn’t be felt nearly as much as they were now.

“Don’t you miss Papa, Fromage? Don’t you miss playing with him?” She sighed wistfully as she covered her eyes. “At times I wish he didn’t have his ambassadorial duties. I know that’s a terrible thing to say; it’s in the best interest of our people if he serves as their representative, and not anyone lesser skilled than him. But I can’t help but feel resentment; it feels unfair to me.”

“It feels unfair to our baby.”

The puppy sighed as he blinked at her from her shadow. Slowly closing his eyes, he yawned again as she rubbed the spot behind his ears.

“You should have seen him when he found out,” she whispered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy. I thought he was never going to let go of me.” She giggled to herself as she thought of how damp his eyes had been. She had been so relieved to find that the news excited him beyond that of any desires for an heir. They had never really discussed what would happen if the laws of nature had acted upon them, but that night when she had told him, they had stayed up deep into the night and described to one another their hopes and fears for their baby – a fond memory, and one that helped carry her through her loneliness. It had been one of the most romantic events in her life, and there were plenty to compete for that title, thanks to her husband’s doting and affection.

“I don’t suppose you have any way to make the remaining 4 months go by faster, do you?”

Fromage only huffed as he pressed his warm body against hers. The Princess smiled gently as she smoothed his glossy fur. Reaching for the special pillow she had brought all the way from her apartments in the palace, she lay her head down and, breathing in the faded scent of her husband, soon enough fell asleep if only to make time march faster so that she may see the father of her child once more.


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  1. Sean says:

    So I guess I’m not clear on what the point of this place is exactly. Is it some sort of summer home for ladies of importance to go when they are pregnant? It’s nice I suppose that she’s getting updates one Lelouch’s health from Alexei from the sound of things since Lelouch of course wouldn’t want to worry her with such info, but that might just worry her regardless since she can tell he’s worried. It’s sweet also to see Lelouch took the advice and wrote a poem for her and that she enjoyed it.

    I think it’s something of a habit for woman to touch their bellies during pregnancy or at least I think so. Still, given the time period and the higher risks back then given the lack of medical advances which was seen in the discussion between Lelouch and Alexei. This sequestering probably only heightens it all since I’ve never gotten the impression C.C. has much in the way of friends aside from Lelouch’s sisters and they certainly aren’t here. At least they let her take Fromage with her.

    It’s also very cute that Lelouch is Papa to Fromage and that Lelouch plays with him. One can’t help but sympathize with her and understand how she feels given how long traveling takes back then. That they are so fond of one another only makes it harder. Really liked the description of how Lelouch reacted to being told he would be a father and it’s great that it was such an instantly happy moment for the two of them.

    Hope she does manage to find things to do to keep herself busy. Just being sequestered from everyone sounds a bit maddening.

    Thank you 🙂


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