First Song (For Ruth)

“I’ll call the moment I land,” he heard. The soothing words softly dissipated into the air, and Suzaku couldn’t help but glance up into the rearview mirror. He could just barely make them out – her leaning against him in some rare display of dependence and him protecting her from the cold outside. The man’s voice could barely be picked out from the steady percussion of the windshield wipers, but from time to time, the assistant-turned-driver could make a sentence or two out. Not that he should be listening; C.C. had, after all, shown a certain measure of confidence by calling him out so late at night. Or so he had tried to tell himself before he had left the house. In all honesty he wasn’t quite so sure, but no matter the actual reason she had chosen him, the very least he could do was not pay attention this one time. It was him behind the wheel, after all, and not Kallen, in spite of his inferiority to her rank.

She said something back, but Suzaku, who had since been trained to listen well for every one of her words, failed to understand because he’d been too busy with taking the correct exit. He counted himself lucky; he really had to stop listening. It was rude to listen in on a conversation that was obviously very private. How would he feel if he had been talking to his girlfriend and there was someone memorizing every single thing they said to one another?

“Oh, sweetheart…” Even Suzaku’s heart broke at the pain that spoke loudly in his voice more than anything else. “I’ll try my best to come back as soon as possible, but even I don’t know how long that’ll be. It could be anywhere from 4 weeks to 12. You know how these things tend to drag on for an absurdly long time. But it’s not the Dark Ages. We may be apart, but we won’t be alone; I can promise you that.”

When they arrived, Suzaku helped him with his bags. He was thanked briefly, but he didn’t particularly mind. The man obviously had other things on his mind. As far as he knew, he’d flown in late last night; he hadn’t been there when he had delivered the mock-up to her home, but that following day, she had taken a half-day, probably to spend it with him. It wasn’t until he’d arrived on her doorstep with the daily delivery when he saw him – her beau – in her (their) living room. They’d been watching a movie together, having just opened a bottle of wine. C.C. had fallen asleep, but Suzaku had seen that Lelouch hadn’t been, that he’d been very much awake as he intently studied her and traced the contours of her pretty face with his finger as if he were trying to memorize how it felt to be with her in that moment. That time Suzaku had left after steeling his will against the kitten who had wandered its way up to his feet, and had gone home to his own girlfriend until his cell had gone off and he left to answer his summoning.

Climbing back into the car, Suzaku sat quietly by himself as he waited for his owner to return. It was very, extremely obvious even to him that the Englishman loved her. Adored her. He’d apparently found something about her that no one else had been fortunate enough to, and he’d become greedy for it. He could understand that; he was greedy for Euphie too, even if he didn’t quite deserve her and, no matter what she said, never quite would. He could respect that, even if that man’s greed had hurt C.C. At least it hadn’t been intentional; at least he didn’t think. Not that it was really his business or right to worry, but… Spend enough time with someone, and you couldn’t help but care.

…Maybe that was what had happened with Lelouch. Maybe he had spent so much time with her, he’d finally gone where no man ever had before. Maybe he had spent so much time with her, she had started caring too.



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  1. Sean says:

    Nice to see them back on much better terms even if we’re coming in right when Lelouch appears to be leaving yet again. Seeing open displays of affection from C.C. is certainly great to see despite the tinge of sadness regarding their parting. I’d say Suzaku is on point with his thoughts since asking him for this sort of thing does imply a degree of trust and confidence in his ability for discretion and to get the job done I feel. Given the two he is driving, I can’t blame him for wanting to listen in a bit even if he realizes how rude it is to do so.

    They definitely seem to be trying to make the best out of a bad situation with all this by Lelouch’s assurances and it’s true that with modern communication that you can easily talk with someone. Still, it’s not quite the same as having them there of course. I can’t lie that the image of this C.C. fallen asleep by Lelouch while watching a movie is an adorable image to picture as is Lelouch studying her so intently to the exclusion of all else. I think there’s a conflict with Euphemia here because isn’t she Lelouch’s sister here and it seemed like one of the most recent chapters was them meeting for the first time? Tad confused by that.

    Interesting take on Lelouch’s adoration of C.C. by Suzaku there in comparing it to greed, though I guess I’m not entirely sure exactly what he means by hurting her through that unless it relates to him not telling her anything or something. I’d think it’s pretty evident she cares even if she doesn’t show it too much though.

    Thank you 🙂


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