La Routine de la Matinée

LaShirley hummed to herself. The sky had cleared from its overcast dreariness for the first time in weeks, and as she briskly walked down the halls of the palace, she couldn’t help but feel cheerful. The sun was out, and it was almost time for another ball – this time in honor of her princess’s birthday – which always meant good food to go around for everyone. And it was always so cute seeing the prince and princess together! One couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when they whispered and canoodled together. The princess was beautiful, but she seemed to positively glow whenever she was with her husband. Shirley could only hope and pray that she would be as fortunate as the princess when it came to her future husband, wherever he may be.

She glanced at the glittering clock in the princess’s apartment. It should be time for them to be up by now… Her Highness had temporarily moved into His Highness’s suite for fear that she would be bedridden again, but all she really knew was that it was just more difficult to wake her Highness without disturbing her husband. Not that he was ever still in bed by the time she did her first task of the day. He was an early-riser, he was, so she had yet to see what a sleeping prince looked like. Surely the princess would know. Would it be too much to ask?

Absentmindedly, she opened the doors to the bedroom when she stopped short. There were strange noises… Like a sort of…slapping…sound…? Not to mention an unfamiliar scent drifting from the ro–

Eyes wide, Shirley stared at the image she had unwittingly stumbled upon. Frozen, she heard a voice in her head screaming for her to leave, to hurry and walk away before they noticed that she was there, but as much as she wanted to, she found herself unable to. It was just so…

She listened to their moans, to their ragged breathing; she heard the way their bodies strained against one another, how pleasure possessed them, and she watched them tangle their limbs together, lost in sensual ecstasy, until finally, she was jolted awake by her Highness’s cries.

“I’m… I’m almost- Lelouch! Le,” she gasped. “Lelouch!”

She never heard or saw what the prince said or did in reply because she left the room. Her face aflame, she stood in the morning sun as she tried to erase the image of him doubled over her, his harsh breaths, his face crumpled up with pleasure…

Nina was never really sure why Shirley had asked her to switch roles with her. She had thought that she liked the princess. But it wasn’t really her place to ask now, was it? She only happily accepted the new privileges. It is, after all, rewarding to serve the princess, is it not? Even for the prince himself.


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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    It is nice to see Shirley is in such good spirits in her position in the castle and of serving the Prince and Princess. While it could just be her, for whatever reason I get the impression from Shirley’s example that they would be quite popular with the younger generation as well as their own. Which is important really since the old timers aren’t going to be around forever. Granted, that could also just be Shirley since by her very nature she’s generally a very agreeable person.

    She does come across a tad…scatterbrained perhaps? Though being a servant of her age, wondering about such things of the royalty must happen fairly often. As I think I said in another review, the lives of the royalty must be a form of entertainment for the lower classes. The servants of the palace especially since they are so much closer.

    But oh my. That’s intensely embarrassing and awkward to behold. She really should have listened to the voice. I guess I can’t blame her since to walk in on that sort of thing must be the most shocking thing. I suppose this means that they really have gotten over all those issues at this point given the sheer gusto they are displaying here.

    No wonder she ended up switching. It’d be hard to attend to them acting normally when your mind just keeps going back to that moment. The double meaning of that last line is quite funny too.

    Thank you 🙂


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