Pie Four: Sharon Stone

“What do you think that’s like?” Suzaku had just opened his mouth without really thinking. He had had two bottles by this point, and as they watched the men sweat like pigs in front of Sharon Stone, the pervasive scent of weed made him heady. Leaning against the arm of the sofa, he raised the bottle to his lips as his friend crossed his legs and blew out a cloud of smoke from his blunt.

“What? Fucking on cocaine?”


“It’s not as great as it sounds. Trust me. There’s a reason why cocaine isn’t one of the world’s greatest aphrodisiacs.”

At his words, he sat up. What was Lelouch talking about? He… He hadn’t actually done it, had he? He was just kidding, right? That was just the weed talking? He knew his friend smoked pot from time to time due to the stress on him, but that just had to be the extent of it, right? Lelouch had more control than that… Right?

“What is it?”

“You haven’t actually…”

“I have.” He sighed heavily as if he were drudging up some memory he wanted to forget. “It was in college. I was studying for my final exams, but with a triple major… It got the job done, anyhow.” When he caught his friend’s expression, he waved away his disbelief. “It was once, and it was to study. Let it go. I never did it after that. I hate how it feels.”

“…who was the girl?”

“Who do you think?”

Oh. Right. They had met in college, hadn’t they? Still… He couldn’t believe that he’d done cocaine. When he had found out Lelouch smoked weed, even if it was on a low frequency, he’d been shocked. But what else could you expect? With everything going on and the high pressures of his job, he had to relieve it some way, and as time passed, he resigned himself to his friend’s drug use. But cocaine! Even if it had been one time… Geez…

“One time.”

“I know…” he mumbled. Scratching his head, he glanced at his friend who had his eyes closed after taking a drag on the cigarette. He slowly let out of the pale smoke, when they heard a door open somewhere and suddenly, a hand was reaching out from the smoke and the blunt was gone. Eyes opened and they looked up to the woman they had both been thinking of just at that moment.

“Hello, boys. Having a party without me?”

“Why are you here, C.C.? growled his friend. “Where the hell did you leave our son?”

“I dropped him off at your mother’s because I thought I’d find you like this. You haven’t changed your lock yet. Missed your wife?”

“Ex-wife,” he muttered. She looked down at him as she sucked on the cigarette. Brushing her hair over her shoulder, she turned to him and smiled sweetly. “Long time, Suzaku.”

“Y-yeah. Hi, C.C.”

For a brief moment, as she casually took a seat in his friend’s lap, Suzaku thought of the two of them, high out of their minds, as they screwed. But it seemed so weird and alien to him, he immediately pushed the thought out of his head. The both of them, even when they were smoking weed as they were now, didn’t really act any different than they usually did. Lelouch had his eyes closed a lot more, and C.C. was always eating pizza, but beyond that, they were nothing like those caricatures shown in movies. But maybe that was just because he was there. Who knew what they were like when it was just the two of them? He certainly never would have guessed in a million years that they had done coke, but here he was, sitting with the truth weighing heavily on his mind.

“So. I think it’s time for me to head home now… Euphie’s probably waiting for me to come  back.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’ll show myself out,” he replied hurriedly to his host who was showing no signs of getting up to follow him out and was showing all signs of being asleep instead. C.C. waved at him, and he waved back nervously before shuffling out. When he was out, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Thank God he’d gotten out of that. Now if only he could get rid of the smell of weed on his clothes… Didn’t want his wife to get the wrong idea after all.

Suzaku smiled. Hm. His wife. He liked the sound of that.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    The concept of Lelouch and Suzaku chilling out while drinking beers and Lelouch smoking weed all while watching what I think is Basic Instinct (Never seen it) is such a bizarre image to try to bring to mind. I guess I don’t generally think about them just hanging out doing stuff and never considered them the type to drink or do drugs, though Suzaku at least tries to keep it in moderation. Lelouch doing it occasionally to manage stress makes sense, though I sort of feel that Nunnally would disapprove if she found out.

    Doubly surprised by the cocaine though it doesn’t seem like it was a pleasant memory for Lelouch at all from his demeanor about it and mentioning he doesn’t like how it feels. It is cute how straight laced Suzaku is with his shock, though I suppose I might possibly react the same way in some respects. Him being all silent and judging was hilarious too since that fits him as well.

    I like C.C. barging in and acting like they aren’t divorced at all in a sense. Good thing she left Leopold with his grandmother too since it sounds like she doesn’t want to expose her son to his father all high. I actually sort of imagine they might be pretty big on not having him try drugs. And she just casually sits in his lap like it’s nothing at all.

    I can’t blame Suzaku for wanting to skedaddle out of there since it’s awkward and not exactly fun to be only person not high in a room. He makes for a nice contrast really.

    Thank you:)


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