Loosening his tie, Lelouch sat down on the cold bed. He glanced at his phone; she hadn’t called or messaged or anything. Which…shouldn’t be a surprise. Even after the press conference he had just dragged himself away from, he could still remember her silent anger on the other end as the conversation had unraveled from his first, “I have to cancel our date.”

It wasn’t that she wasn’t understanding. There had been times when he had had to cancel before and when she had had to, but the discussion had quickly become more about why he found it necessary to divide his time between here and there than the cancellation, and he had had to end the call with both in a terrible mood. Truthfully, he had been somewhat barbed with her when she hadn’t first said anything in reply. His mind had been elsewhere, and when his sisters had called him, panicked, about the most recent development on the situation, he had had little patience. It was his fault, and he knew he should call her and apologize, that he shouldn’t let any more time pass than already had, but…

But he didn’t really feel like he was up for the task of speaking to someone who didn’t want to hear from him. He had tried to reason with anger for the past hour and a half. He was tired of trying to maneuver past prejudice and protest; he had had enough for the day.

The cloth whispering as he slipped the necktie off, he let it slip from his grasp before leaning back and lying on the cool sheets. Closing his eyes, he sighed as the light rain outside knocked on the windows of his bedroom. How terrible it was to be home. And how long ago just that morning seemed; he hadn’t exactly been happy, what with all of the politics going on, but he had at least been content being with her. He had been looking forward to tonight, and making that call had just been the worst.

“Dear, won’t you join us for supper? Or would you prefer to keep sleeping?”

He opened his eyes at the sound of his mother’s voice. She stood in the doorway with her brows furled together. He struggled up.

“…What time is it?”

“7 o’clock in the evening. Or I can have Sayoko bring something up for you. Would you like that instead?”

“No, I’ll come down in a bit.”

But she remained rooted to her spot. Standing up, he rolled up his sleeves and unbuttoned his collar, all the while trying not to notice the way she had been peering at him for the past few minutes in the way that she always did whenever there was something she wanted to say. He broke after ten more seconds of scrutiny.

“What is it?” he sighed.

“C.C. is such a nice girl. I would be more than happy to have her as my daughter.”

“You would be happy to have a walrus as your daughter. I know you just can’t wait to meet your grandchildren, Mother. I know.”

“Does she know what’s happening?”

“If she does, it’s not from me.”

“Why don’t you tell her?”

“What can I possibly tell her when I have no idea myself what’s going to happen?”

“Perhaps she can help shed some light. This affects her life too by way of you. And she does love you, dear. I know she does. We all do.”

He pursed his lips. Turning his back on her, he turned the lights to the bathroom on.

“I’ll be down for supper in five minutes.”

But he never came downstairs. Not after five minutes, not after ten, or even thirty. When Sayoko eventually went up with a tray, he was still on the phone, speaking to her. His hand was covering his eyes, he was pacing, frowning, sighing, but at least he was finally telling her what was happening. At least he had apologized to her and was honest with her – even if he didn’t yet tell her of his mother’s ring and the proposal he had been planning for quite some time.



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  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Yeah, given how C.C. is here, not calling or texting him in any way since he took off is quite fitting for her and probably a bit of heartbreak and fear about the relationship with all the anger. Given that this has happened before, this was probably something a long time coming that they should get out sooner rather than later. Less than ideal circumstances to have it though. I guess I can’t blame him from being distracted given all that seems to be going on with this situation.

    I confess some irritation with him not just calling to work it out, though I suppose I can see why he might not want to given his own current mood. Putting it off helps no one though. Thank goodness for that push from his mother to resolve the whole situation and being perceptive enough to see what is troubling him so much.

    No punches pulled either as she comes right out the gate pretty much telling him to just marry the girl and tell her what’s going on already. Looks like the push he needed to since he finally calls her and just explains the whole situation so she finally gets what’s going on and why it might lead to him having to go away for a time.

    And yay, he’s planning to propose! Curious what he has planned since I’d think he’d want it to be special for her.

    Thank you 🙂


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