Femme: Partie Deux

He liked watching her in the morning. On days she didn’t work – which was…almost never, but it did happen once in a blue moon – she’d stay in bed until the late afternoon (and that was only until he managed to persuade her out of bed) but on days when she did have to go into the “office,” she’d sometimes be out the door by the time he cracked his eyes open. Neither were morning people.

“Make sure to eat something even on the way,” he chided. “Jeremiah won’t find an issue with making a slight detour, you know. Nor will Femme horrifically collapse into ruin if you deviate for five minutes to get something to hold you over until lunch time. Which you shouldn’t skip either; it’s not good for your health.”

She flashed him a purposely misshapen smile as she swept her hair out from under her coat and slipped on her dark sunglasses. He returned her smile as he reached for her hand from where he sat in bed. “It’s rude to leave without properly addressing someone.”

“You and your uncompromising manners,” she muttered. She sighed but still crossed the room towards him and took his hand. Pulling her into his lap, he wrapped his arms around her and asked her if she was going to properly say goodbye or if she was just going to shake his hand as if he were some one night stand.

“But you were,” she pointed out. Wrinkling her nose, she turned her face away. “You couldn’t get rid of your morning breath before this? You sat here for half an hour, and you couldn’t even bother?”

“I’m so sorry I don’t keep a bottle of Listerine on my night stand,” he drawled. “You see, I’m just a terrible, ignorant foreigner who doesn’t know any better.”

“You’re going to wrinkle my blouse. This is silk.”

“Are you really serious?” He frowned. Even his tousled hair, with some parts sticking up here and there, seemed to wilt. “You’re really going to be like this? You do know that I’m going back home tonight, don’t you?”

“Didn’t you say this was your home?”

She had completely meant it as a joke, but when she saw his expression, her mirth faded away, only to be replaced by trepidation. There were very few things that put him off like it did now. For instance, he more than anything hated discussing his father, as well as the fact that they had begun as some strange one-night-stand-turned-long-distance-relationship until she had stayed with him well over her business trip last winter. During which she had also stayed at his home (for the business trip) instead of the suite that Kallen had reserved for her. But home was always something that he liked to talk about. He liked to compare the food and the culture and the history and buildings of both cities – his and hers – if only to find a way to drag her home through the mud. Home also reminded him of his mother and sisters, whom he dearly loved, so it was also bittersweet, but all in all, he generally liked to talk about home. When they talked about home, he had never before frowned and grown quiet like this. So that was why C.C.’s heart nearly stopped when he adopted a sullen silence.

“…Why…are you looking at me like that?”

He blinked as if he himself hadn’t really been aware that he had been looking at her in a decidedly strange fashion for the past few minutes. Clearing his throat, he rubbed his eyes. “Must be because I haven’t had any coffee yet.”

“What, did you fall asleep with your eyes open or something?”

“Must have.” He sheepishly smiled. “Wouldn’t be the first time. God knows I’ve been in more than one or two situations that have bored the fuck out of me. Though none were your shows, of course,” he quickly added. She gave him another ugly smile before kissing his cheek and standing up.

“That’s enough time wasted for today. Looks like I spent all of my breakfast time with you, so it’s not my fault that I don’t eat breakfast today.”


But she had already left their bedroom. When he heard the faint slam of the door, Lelouch sighed and leaned back. He could still feel her; very, very, very few had the privilege of knowing but C.C. was in fact a woman who was contrary to her outer appearance. He had vaguely heard of the way she intimidated and how cold she was , as well as how much of a perfectionist (at least when it came to Femme), and while some of that still carried over when it was just the two of them, in reality, she was a much softer person. Down beneath her armor lay inside a fragile and soft heart, and since the moment she had let him in, he had wanted nothing more than to guard her and protect her and supplement what the world had denied her since her young age. And he wanted to do that for… Well, quite frankly, he wanted to do that for the rest of his life, and had counted on doing that for the rest of his life since about a month back. But what with the politics going on back at home compounded with the phone call he had had with his mother the evening before…

He ran a hand through his hair before rubbing his face tiredly. She didn’t know the reason why he was suddenly going back “home.” For all she knew, he was going just because he missed his family, and not because of anything much heavier than that. To her, he wasn’t going to defend his family to his countrymen. He wasn’t going to argue for the system that had upheld his family for generations and generations since the founding of their nation, to argue that he and his family did in fact love and pay allegiance to their brethren. All he was doing when he went home tonight was relax, go out for dinner with his mother, maybe go shopping with his sisters, and not much else.

He’d have to tell her sometime what was going on. She may already be aware of what was brewing but probably not to the extent that she needed to be. They would have to sit down together and discuss their future, nitpicking and tearing it apart so that they could see if they really did have a chance to salvage it from the impending storm. She’d probably become extremely quiet as she always did whenever she was upset. Might even break a few plates as she accused him of leaving when really, she was just trying to swallow the fact that they could very well be torn apart in the near future.

But that would be for another day, another time. For now, he would give her tonight’s dinner and the roses and the dancing and the sex. For now, he would give her everything she desired. It was the least he could do.


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  1. Sean says:

    The fact that C.C. isn’t a morning person in light of her work habits and position is pretty hilarious to me as is the idea that she lazes about in bed until the afternoon when not working. Then again, that could possibly explain her irritability at times and I suppose isn’t too off to think that someone who puts in as much work as her would then be inclined to be lazy at times when they don’t have to work. To unwind anyway.

    Despite her seeming complaining, it really is cute seeing her give in to his affectionate gestures even if she does keep making comments. His neverending patience with her is sweet as well as you clearly see two people for whom these sorts of conversations are the norm with a thread of affection beneath it all.

    It’s sort of sweet and funny how they’re relationship started as a one night stand then progressed from there. That he speaks of his home so much is something I find endearing as well, though can’t say why. I suppose I appreciate that he likes discussing the history and such of it all.

    It is quite funny how Lelouch knows her in a completely different fashion then everyone else, but also recognizes and appreciates that he gets to see something barely anyone else does. That he’s considering proposing is also nice to hear, despite the looming issues with his family potentially causing a problem with that. It’s good he’s planning on discussing it with her rather than hiding it which is the responsible thing to do, especially if he’s serious which seems to be the case.

    Not going to lie, the second to last line made me laugh quite a bit. I think it’s the “and the sex” part that gets me due to how it’s listed in that set of things.

    Thank you 🙂


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