Hallelujah, Finally!

A broken gasp tumbled out from her lips as she felt her body shake and tremble. Plunging into euphoria, she looked up at the dim ceiling stretching overhead past his shoulder as her back curled and she pressed herself against him, nothing but white noise filling her head. Vaguely, as if she had somehow slipped out of her body like the silk robe she had slipped out of some time ago, she tightly gripped his arm and felt his biceps strain as he groaned softly against her jawline. Heart pounding in her chest, her eyes fluttered as the pleasure slowly ebbed away and his breathing resumed its erratic pace against her cheek. He fell beside her, and she shifted onto her side so as to see properly just how much of a mess she had made him.

His hair over his closed eyes, he lay quietly, the only sign of life his hand grazing her side as he drew the sheets up to cover them both until they were submerged in the soft fabric. The yellow light of the lamps just barely glowing through the sheets, they stared at one another in the low light until he touched her cheek and leaned forward to place a chaste kiss unbecoming of their sin. She couldn’t help but smile at the absurdity of it all.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she replied.

He studied her for some time before smiling in return.

“Well, whatever it is, at least it’s not because of any impotence on my part.”

“I don’t remember saying that it wasn’t your performance I was laughing at.”

His brows disappeared into the fringe of his long hair. “I’m quite certain it has nothing to do with my performance, seeing from the imprints of your nail on my arm and back. Which sting, if you wanted to know.”

“But I didn’t want to know.”

It was his turn to scoff out of disbelief before losing himself to the teasing and smiling. His eyes crinkling, he laughed. Her heart warming at the welcoming sound of his laughter, her smile widened and kept widening – especially when he grabbed her waist and muffled his laugh with a kiss. Tangling her arms in the sheets and with his arms, she tightly held him as he loved her lips and cheek and jaw and lips again. And as they lay there together, entwined and stuck together, she laughed and smiled as did he, each glad that they had once more found one another and remembered the sweet taste of bliss.

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  1. Sean says:

    I’ve been somewhat remiss in not commenting on this. Apologies on that.

    I quite liked this with a part of the reason being that it makes for a nice contrast to chapter 6 in the emotions conveyed between the two. In 6, there was a sort of desperation to it all when this tension boiled over and all these secrets and pent up emotions came spilling out. It wasn’t exactly a comfortable experience in a certain sense for lack of better wording with Lelouch suddenly having the fear she was going to leave him suddenly again as his mask cracked and those old wounds came out.

    Here, there’s more of a joy to things with them just enjoying being with the other and taking part in this bit of pleasure with one another. The teasing and the laughter they share is such a difference to that time before and also showcases in some respects how far along they’ve come together. Lelouch being able to laugh at all is a marked change given how grim he was before. He still is, but now there’s been some healing that’s showed off here I think as well as with his interactions with Leopold of course.

    Thanks for this. And even if it wasn’t especially long, it was still pretty…spicy? I’m not sure that’s the right word.



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