C’est La Vie


“Tilting her head to the side, she blinked at the overturned photographs lying messily on the coffee table. Pictures? Of what? She reached for them before stopping short. Wait… Wasn’t this an invasion of privacy? What if Lelouch didn’t want her to look at them? But… But if he didn’t want anyone to look at them, why would they be out in plain view? And besides. What could he possibly be hiding? She already knew that he was in the mafia for the goodness’ sake, it wasn’t as if there could be anything wor…

It was Lelouch. A younger Lelouch, in his late teens, early twenties, who was trying to cover the camera lens with his hands, a partially annoyed, partially embarrassed expression on his face. How cute. Smiling, Shirley reached for the rest of the photos, wondering what other adorable snapshots she would discover. Some fluttered to the rug, and she berated herself for being so clumsy as she bent down to pick them up. Why was she always dropping things, and…

It was Mrs. Corabelle.

She looked much younger, and much, much, much happier and carefree. She was even smiling, her usual frown, her customary mask of apathy, nowhere to be seen. Lelouch was also there, and they were both wearing graduation caps and gowns. Lelouch was carrying her, as if she were a bride, as if she were his bride. There had apparently been a light breeze at the time, because her long emerald tresses were fluttering in the wind, mingling with the petals of cherry blossoms that were floating about. It looked like a scene straight out of a movie, like a romantic-comedy or something that she would have loved to watch, if only it weren’t her boyfriend and some other woman starring in it.

Shirley felt her throat tighten.”


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  1. Sean says:

    Oof, that’s quite the thing to find given what’s conveyed through those pictures. Poor Shirley. She’s unfortunately not the lead in this romance. I always feel really bad when i think about her in this story with what she’s had to go through.

    Is this before Georgie dies and Orpheil?


    1. C.C. says:

      This was in chapter three, so it is before Georgie and Orpheil, yes.


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