• C.C.’s birthday is February 14th.
  • C.C. is three-quarters French and one-quarter British her grandfather is English
  • Lelouch is half-British, half-French
  • Schneizel is German but spent his youth in the city of Pendragon
  • Schneizel is 40 years old (10 years on Lelouch and C.C.)
  • C.C. wears a retainer when she goes to bed
  • Lelouch has to wear glasses in the evening; during the day, he depends on contacts.
  • Leopold likes watching old movies.
  • C.C. was forced to sell her mother’s wedding ring in efforts to pay off her father’s debt.
  • The Weiss Ritter controls a large part of the black market, including the illegal drug sector.
  • Lelouch has a hot bod 🙂
  • The Weiss Ritter is disguised as an international conglomerate. All members of the Weiss Ritter are – on paper – employees of Britannia Enterprises – named so after Schneizel’s surname, el Britannia.
    • For example, Schneizel is the Chairman of the Board while Lelouch is the CEO and Anya as the secretary of the CEO, Lloyd and Cécile as heads of the development and research department
  • Though he has more than enough money, Lelouch has only one property to his name, as well as one car – in other words, he doesn’t really flaunt his wealth
  • C.C.’s clothing is mostly modeled off of Kate Middleton’s fashion
  • If C.C. hadn’t married Schneizel, Lelouch would have eventually entered into the Pendragon Police Academy, where he would have eventually been made into a police officer and Suzaku’s partner
  • Lelouch suffered from insomnia and severe appetite loss until Orpheil, where he gained some weight – and thankfully so as he’d been remarkably thin before
  • Although the pocket-watch is technically Lelouch’s, it is most often found with Leopold
  • The City of Pendragon is in the middle of the desert
  • Lelouch and C.C. were originally going to be closer to their 40’s until the ages (of all characters) were adjusted so that they may be lowered
  • In the original concept, C.C. and Lelouch never shared any prior history to Lelouch’s assignment
  • The only resemblance of the original concept that the contemporary concept bears is the mafia backdrop and the presence of a child
  • The manor in Orpheil was purchased under Leopold’s name, with Schneizel acting as proxy – it was a gift to C.C.  in celebration of his birth
  • Schneizel has (had) a lover
  • Between the two, C.C. used to be the smoker but quit after finding out that she was pregnant; Lelouch later on picked up the habit and still continues, though he only smokes when under stress
  • For Christmas, Schneizel gave his wife a diamond necklace and his son a gold ring
  • Some of Leopold’s favorite foods to eat are pizza, macaroni & cheese with grilled tomatoes, canard à l’orange, and ratatouille.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    I love all these little details that enhance the world a bit. I wonder what sort of old movies Leopold likes actually and the public face of the Weiss Ritter is interesting in how they all have public positions like Lelouch as CEO, which amuses me.

    That “what if” reveal of where Lelouch would have ended up was nice to learn if bittersweet. I really like that he would have been partners with Suzaku as well.

    Still so curious about that lover of Schneizel’s. Just curious where that’s going to lead.

    Leopold is such a precious child. 😀


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