Mes Biens Chers Frères

Not a day goes by when I haven’t thought of you and Rolo. Are you doing well? The Court here believes that women ought to be prizes, cherished and put on display, so I’ve been unable to hear of any news. Is all well at home? Please don’t omit any details – even the smallest, seemingly insignificant details are welcome. I’m starved for news.

The Princess set down her quill with a sigh. Her mother, no doubt, would notice the sparseness of her letter in regard to her husband. Which meant she would be subjected to a rather forceful interrogation the next time she received a letter from her mother. But she didn’t feel particularly inclined to speak of her husband. It was just that… Perhaps it was because she had yet to feel the permanence of the situation. It felt more that she was a visiting diplomat, or a royal ambassador, who was staying for a stretch before returning back home to her puppy, Fromage, and to Mother and her younger brother and all that she knew and loved.

A lump formed in her throat at the thought of the place of her childhood. Though she was just the next kingdom over, she felt as if she was worlds away from where she had been born and had been happy. This place, with its different ways, was so unfamiliar to her. And with no one to help guide her through…

Ah, well… Her husband was doing his best, was he not? Though many of the Court here had been educated in French discourse, very few had bothered maintaining that essential, universal skill. But her husband spoke her language quite fluently, did he not? And he had made efforts to comfort her in his own way, with his books and by accompanying her on her walks, and oh, with that terrible and yet endearing sense of humor!

C.C. had spoken the truth when she had told her sister-in-law that her husband was kind. And, as she watched him through the window of the parlor, and saw him offer a flower to a weeping chambermaid who couldn’t be older than 9 years of age, she knew that this was true. She was truly fortunate in that she had been graced with a man as good as he.

And it was with this realization and newly-found appreciation that she returned her husband’s smile as he bowed to her before turning to leave the confinements of her adopted home to go to her husband’s side so that she may take his arm and begin their life together.


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  1. Sean says:

    Happy to see this story pop up again as I enjoyed the outline for it you posted some time ago.

    I think C.C.’s homesickness comes through well here as well as her obvious unease with her new environment. I can only imagine how surreal a situation like this could be to leave your home and marry someone you barely knew at all. Her still thinking of it as temporary is thus understandable. Hell, I sometimes sort of forget I actually live in Texas now and won’t simply be running home or seeing family regular. Shame she can’t see the puppy especially. Too bad she couldn’t bring it though I don’t know how a trip like that would have gone back then.

    The culture shock certainly doesn’t seem like it’s helping either such as the views on women that the country seems to have. Her being from another Kingdom probably just adds to the dismissive treatment I sort of get the feeling she gets.

    It is nice to hear how hard Lelouch is trying to help her ease in and feel welcome. It’s all very sweet with how he acts with her as well as that cute little scene with the chambermaid.

    Thanks for posting this story and moving forward with it. 🙂


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