BGM Playlist

I have playlists made for every full project that I write. How developed these playlists are is a completely different matter as you’ll find out in a few seconds, but I do make playlists that I put on when writing pieces for that project. And since I’m “juggling” three projects right now, here are their playlists – which are, by the way, growing all of the time, so it’s not like they’re going to look the way it does now a few weeks from now.

Bright Young Things

Off to New York | 무대위로 | Arrival at Netherfield

The Fugitive Bride

Rango Suite | Rango and Beans | Rango Returns | Belfast Child | God’s Gonna Cut You Down | Waiting Game | Retrograde | Kiss the Sky | Beast | The Wicked Flee |

The Legacy

네버엔딩스토리그남자잠시 안녕처럼울지마 사랑아걸음이 느려서낙인화신차마 하지 못한 말미치게 만들어나혼자지워얼음꽃 | Time for Bed이유  | Together | ALL ALONE 그 여자 | Happy Together나만의 위로 | Here I Am粉雪 | Love is Blindness내안 가득히너라서한사람 | 그래도 사랑해Guardian Angel | My Love비와 당신 | My Heart Will Go On | ONE KISS사랑이라면 | Hello | 사랑이 운다 | Photograph안되겠니 | Lovely Yours | Glasgow Love Theme말 못하죠겨울 사랑미치게 보고싶은 | Papaoutai | 굳세어라 금순아오직 너만을가시사랑립스틱 짙게 바르고 | Marriage Proposal | I Understood Something | Memories of Childhood | Say Something | House of the Rising Sun | Haunted | The Flower Garden | I Run This | Swan Dive | Running Scared | The Boy Who Drank Stars | 천국ありがとう。愛してた人 | Give It To Me | Drunk in Love | Run | When She Loved Me그 남자, 그 여자 | All This Time | Flightless Bird, American Mouth | 하루하루윈터 송 | I Will Survive | Unconditionally | Run | No Fate Awaits Me | Love the Way You Lie | Dawn | Green Light | Be With You | Jack’s Dream | Partition | Falling Slowly | Blue | Wings | Skin | Young and Beautiful | Je suis malade | Photograph | Song on the Beach | Moving Mountains굿바이데이 | 외사랑 | Theme from Love Story | | Les Parapluies de Cherbourg ScoreAOE Suite Fourth Movement AIAssiah Fantasia Second Movement Tomorrow is another dayAssiah Fantasia Third Movement die Himmlische Musik천국과 지옥 사이슬픈 동화몇 날 며칠  | Halo Meets Gasoline進撃vn-pf20130524巨人 | Gender | Leader of Armies | Double Crossed | Higher Elevation | Scraping the Sky | Life is Beautiful | Drifting Embers | Blood and Stone | Breath of Life | See What I’ve Become | Vengeance | The Way | Relocate (Psychemagik Remix) | Rinzler | End of Line | Derezzed | Fall Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Remix) | Love Me Like You Do | 사랑한다는 말나에게 초대되돌아와내 눈물 모아말리꽃그대 때문에 | Hold Each Other관계 | Je vole | Once Upon a December | 내 몸은 너를 지웠다 | Earned It바람이나 좀 쐐 | Writing’s On the Wall | Hello지우고 싶다사랑한 후야생화 | Tick of the Clock보고싶다 | Dear | When You Wish Upon a Star | Blunt Instrument | Bang Bang | Irreversible달이 웁니다 | Love the Way You Lie (Part II) | Laura’s Murder | Backfire | Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence | Dropzone | Valse | La Vie En Rose품행제로 | Say You Love Me | Human | Magnetic | Unavoidable | Lost In a Maze | Evey Reborn | Sulley Scares BooExorcist Concerto Third Movement U & CloudSymphonic Suite DEVIL First Movement D-EvilSymphonic Suite DEVIL Third Movement eXORCiST | OUTRO: House of Cards | I Am Free | Spiritual Power | Jane B. | Battle Royale | Glas/GreenVi To Er Smeltet Sammen | In the Rain못해바라본다 | Thousand Eyes | The Hunted (Apocalypse Version)Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas | Fellow Feeling (No Robotic Drop) | Tale of Two Stars | Run | Changing of the Guards | Oh My Love | Under Your Spell | The Hills | Safe House | Red Lips (Mendus Remix) | Underground | Sharks Don’t Sleep | Over and Over | Pillz | Change | Colision de Frente | Lonely | Bueno Hombre | Waltz in Sorrow | Skyfall US Domestic Trailer Music | Lost | Alone in the Dark | In the Dark | Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13 “Pathétique” II. Adagio cantabile | Piano Concerto No. 22 in E flat major, K. 482. III. AllegroPrelude Op. 28, No. 4 | La Campanella | 사랑은 눈꽃처럼 | 좋은 사람입니다 | 착한 여자 | 환청 | 외침Nisi Dominus, RV 608 – IV. Cum Demerit사랑은 없다너 밖에 몰라 | If I Didn’t Care | Show Me Your PantyPan’s Labyrinth Lullaby | 30 Sexy향기만 남아 | Touch좋은 사람걔 세 | 남자답게 | 전쟁이야 | Je Te Veux | wRoNg | Delirious (Boneless) | Oil Rig | Adagio for Tron | Bound to You | 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 | Throw It Down | In the Rain | Shotgun | La Vie en Rose | 사랑이 우습니 | Try Everything | I’d Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix) | My Love is a Weapon | I Mean It | Ultralight Beam | Blood on the Leaves | Panda |


2 thoughts on “BGM Playlist

  1. Sean says:

    I do sort of like how the lists go from small, to a bit bigger, and then you’ve got The Legacy with a multi-disc soundtrack. Of course, that makes sense given how much longer that project has been around compared to the others.

    I feel like I asked this before, but do you listen to these while writing it or do you just pick out ones you feel fit with it?


    1. C.C. says:

      Well, I have the playlists created on iTunes, so when it comes time to start writing a chapter for that, I just put that playlist on shuffle and skip songs until I reach an appropriate one. Or, if I know the exact song that I need to listen to, then I just go to that directly.

      As for how songs are added to the playlist, if I’m listening to anything new, and I think that it would help with The Legacy or The Fugitive Bride or anything that I’m writing, like if it goes with the theme or any of the scenes that I’ve planned out so far, then it’s added in.


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