Lelouch’s Wardrobe

I think it’s rather strange how I’ve dedicated so much time to C.C.’s wardrobe but haven’t really given much thought to what Lelouch was wearing, which is strange because Lelouch is just as well-dressed as the love of his life is. But as I was scouring Pinterest as I do when looking for outfit inspirations I realized that this may be because there are so many restrictions on Lelouch’s wardrobe that there’s not really much of a point. The only real variation there can be is the pattern of the fabrics, and even then, that itself has bans.

He’s not the type to wear jeans. He’ll wear slim-fitting slacks a thing of beauty what with his long legs and button-downs for the most part. Occasionally, when he’s feeling really causal, he’ll wear a sweater. And that’s his casual. When he’s out on business, like when he’s at a “board meeting,” he’ll dress up in a suit (obviously). Both Lelouch and Schneizel prefer a three-piece suit over the usual, and that’s because I like the look of a three-piece better. That, and it also seems like something both of them would lean towards.

Anyways, he usually has very subdued, somber dyes, like greys, (usually dark) blues, black, that kind of thing. Not that much purple, surprisingly. And those colors go with his various array of watches, dress shoes, cuff links and such. He never wears sneakers, except for when he’s working out which is another topic in itself that I should talk about one of these days.

Um… I do think that in the earliest stages of conception, Lelouch did have his ear pierced and he did have a few tattoos, but I think I took that out as time wore on. It just seemed a little too punk for The Legacy‘s Lelouch. Or at least the story as it is now; the original idea, it would have fit better.

I suppose if I had to pick out my most favorite outfit for Lelouch, it would have to be the one with the black sweater. It’s a black crew neck sweater – not too big but not too tight either; I really freaking hate the way a tight sweater looks on a man – and black (what else did you expect) slacks. The sleeves are pushed up (that’s the focal point), and he has a watch on. It’s a very dark look, but I think it would be the one where he would be most comfortable. Like that’s the most informal outfit he’s going to wear. That’s the one he wears when he’s home alone and he doesn’t have to go out that day, so he’s just going to stay home and sleep with the TV on in the background.

Of course, after Orpheil, his clothes do become gradually lighter in shade and less formal, but they do remain rather somber all the same compared to what could be.


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